5 Secrets to Begin V-logging With Your Smartphone

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Video blogs commonly known as vlogs are short videos recorded to educate viewers on a certain topic or give insights into the routine life of influencers. As videos have a lasting effect on memory, vlogs are becoming the popular choice amongst marketers and influencers. It is almost impossible to believe you are not familiar with vlogs because if you own a smartphone and have subscribed to one of Spectrum internet prices, there is no chance of you missing out on this latest trend.

Be it the hilarious Khaby Lame or the popular Kim Kardashian, both rose to fame with their video content and YouTube channels which have millions of global followers at present.

Why Are Vlogs Important?

Vlogs can be broadly classified as personal and professional. The introduction of smartphone has transformed the marketing landscape. The old channels through which marketers reached out to their target audience are being replaced by modern platforms such as social media. Vlogs are on their way to becoming the number one choice of businesses these days.

Businesses that adapt to change have more chances of becoming successful than those that stick to outdated methods of marketing. As video content is the new “in” thing and most people across all demographics are watching vlogs, it is essential to include them in your business strategy.

Apart from professional V-logging, many influencers create personal vlogs that depict their daily life activities. Once these influencers reach a certain number of followers, they start earning through the social media platform they post videos on. They are also paid for collaborations with businesses where they advertise the products or services in their videos and get paid for it by the brand.

Tips to Create Vlog with Your Mobile

Ever thought of creating a vlog with your smartphone? Here is how you can make good vlogs and get famous.

1: Invest in the Right Tools

Your smartphone must have a brilliant camera but when you start V-logging you will need more than just a camera.

  • To record your vlogs yourself, you will need a tripod stand on which you can fix the phone before recording.
  • Secondly, good lighting is the basis of a good vlog. A vlog with poor lighting is unattractive and will fail its purpose. It is good to invest in a good quality ring light.
  • Apart from these two, don’t forget to purchase an external mic. Good sound is the key element of a vlog. If the audience can’t hear you or your voice is distorted due to some interruptions, your vlog will be a flop.

Even though vlogs are informal means of communication, there are a few different formats:

2: Decide on a Format

  • Demonstration: Such vlogs teach the audience how to use a product. These are step-by-step demonstrations of how to do certain things. Examples can be makeup tutorials and PR unboxing.
  • Informational: Vlogs in which influencers discuss a subject by sitting in front of the camera. For example, Jake’s toys reviews on YouTube.
  • Realistic: Vlogs that are shot outside the studio to record a trip, shopping haul, or a party. An example can be a travel vlog.

There is no strict rule for you to stick to only one format. You can choose to vlog in whichever format you wish to at a given time.

3: Be Unique

There are gazillions of vloggers on social media these days and for you to gain a following, you must differentiate from the crowd by uniquely presenting yourself and choosing the appropriate channel for your expression.  Think about how you can achieve this.

Research the top trends in V-logging and incorporate them into your content in a creative way. You never know what action or word of yours can gain you fame overnight. Furthermore, identify your target audience and create interesting content that they can relate to. You can talk about your day-to-day challenges or answer questions from your followers in your videos. For instance, if you are a makeup artist, answer your viewers’ queries regarding the foundation, concealer, and so on. 

Once you have differentiated yourself from the masses, figure out which channel would be suitable for you to upload videos on. YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook?

4: Edit, Edit, Edit

Once you have filmed your video, don’t post it without reviewing and editing it. There are chances of errors in even the shortest of videos so it is better to watch them at least twice before hitting the post button. Also, make use of the editing apps on your phone to edit videos so they look appealing to the eyes. Your inquiry process can be made easy if you’re subscribed to data packages like Spectrum mobile plans that provide you with unlimited data.

5: Be Consistent

To remain in sight, it is a good idea to keep posting videos regularly without compromising the quality of your content. Always be prepared to create content whether you are out on a vacation, studying for your upcoming exam, or even celebrating your pre-marriage festivities. The key is to film, film, and film so you have content to post daily.

These are just a few basic tricks to begin V-logging with your smartphone. Be sure to keep these in mind while you’re at it.

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