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8X sports news is one of the most famous news sites in Thailand. It is owned by a publishing company and is popular among many readers. This site also has a large Facebook audience and is known for its beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content. Its content is very diverse and has strong celebrity news coverage. It also covers K-pop, a popular topic in the country. It is part of the Amarin publishing company, which owns multiple media outlets in the country.

Thansettakij Newspaper

Thansettakij is a popular news site in Thailand. It is published on a bi-weekly basis and focuses on a variety of subjects. These include entertainment, politics, business, and sports. In addition, the site has a section devoted to real estate and property.

8X – The Famous News Site in Thailand

Thai people are passionate about their sports, and the internet is a valuable resource for sports news. There are hundreds of sports news sites in Thailand, but it can be difficult to know which ones are reliable and worth your time. Deadpan, for example, is a good option for people interested in sports, especially college football. Deadpan also has a section on pop culture and politics. For example, it published a column about Donald Trump’s election, which garnered 313,000 page views in one month.


Thaiger has been the fastest growing English-speaking news website in Thailand, announcing plans to separate the English and Thai domains in August 2020. Thaiger is a curated news site that employs custom software and curatorial techniques to provide the most relevant news to its readers. The news site also focuses on domestic Thai issues, with a regional and national focus. In August 2017, it acquired the digital assets of Phuket Gazette, making it the country’s second largest English-language news site.

Sports News

The Siamrath newspaper is a traditional tabloid-style newspaper in the Thai language.8xbet It reaches a wide audience, both in print and online. The newspaper focuses on news, entertainment, politics, and happenings in Thailand. It also reports on large companies and celebrities, and covers a variety of sports. The newspaper also has an online community, and a dedicated Thai language video section.

Siam News

Siam News is a daily e-only publication with a strong readership of women in their mid-twenties and thirties. This newspaper focuses on news related to Thai society and culture, as well as the business world. It also includes articles on TV and movie reviews, dating and relationships, and the latest hot products. It also features a dedicated Thai language video section, and editorials on various topics.

It is also part of the Amarin publishing house,

Which owns multiple media channels across the country. The majority of its readers are young adults, but there are plenty of older hiso who are interested in the latest news about their favorite celebrities and TV shows.

Siam Turakij

Thai Rath is a news site and a newspaper in the Thai language, based in Bangkok. Its focus is on business news. It is owned by Trisila Company Limited, a newspaper publisher in Thailand. The site also has news on politics and travel.

Prachachart Turakij

Siam Turakij is a traditional tabloid-like newspaper published in Thai. It covers politics, social issues, and regional development. The site also has a dedicated business editorial section. It has an extensive online following and a wide range of content.

The website has a reputation for reporting the latest

Thailand, as well as a global perspective. Its news stories cover everything from international politics to national and local 8xbet news. You’ll find local news and travel stories, as well as information on business, property, and lifestyle. The website also features podcasts with popular Thais.

Khaosod Newspaper

Khaosod Newspaper is one of the leading English language news sites in Thailand. Its content ranges from business and sports news to celebrity stories and tech news. It also covers entertainment, culture, and the latest happenings in Bangkok. Its target audience includes businessmen, educated Thai, and foreigners.

This newspaper first came to prominence

Reporting on the cover up murder of a famous Thai gem dealer’s wife and son. The newspaper went on to expose that the Lieutenant-General Chalor Kerdthes had ordered the abduction of the family after failing to extract information from them. Khaosod maintained that the murders were roadside accidents and that they had been the victims of a road accident.

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