A Digital Signage Comparison: KiwiSign vs. The Competition

digital signage comparison

There are so many options out there when it comes to digital signage; whether you want to make your own or use one of the many SaaS (Software as a Service) providers, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from! But which should you pick? Is there really that much of a difference between one provider and another, or are they all more or less the same? We put together this side-by-side comparison of KiwiSign and other major players in the industry to help clarify exactly what sets us apart from our competitors. Check it out!

What Are The Benefits Of Digital Signage?

Digital signs are an effective way to get your business’s name and brand recognized by more people in a short period of time and can help you increase sales as well as keep customers coming back for more. The issue with digital signs is that there’s a lot of information about different signage systems out there, making it hard for consumers to choose which one will work best for them. If you’re currently considering replacing or adding to your company’s signage system, read on for a comparison of two popular digital sign software solutions – KiwiSign and FrontDoor – to help you make an informed decision about which option is best for your business! […]… Continue reading… (393 words)

How Does Our Easy-To-Use Interface Stack Up Against Others?

We want our users to be able to easily implement and control their signs. Our goal is to make digital signage super easy! As such, we provide a simple but powerful interface that allows you to quickly publish your content and monitor its performance in real-time all on any web browser or on our app. This makes it easier than ever to control your signs and view performance data, allowing you more time for what matters most…running your business!

How Does KiwiSign Stack Up Against Other Ease Of Use Scoring?

The digital signage software market is still new, so there aren’t any established digital signage comparison charts or reports available to compare how one provider stacks up against another. Because we are aiming to be one of your primary sources of research, we have created our own digital signage comparison chart here in an attempt to provide you with useful information in a manner that is best suited to your needs. The point-based scoring compares things such as ease of use, level of customization, and other features relevant to your business requirements and goals including cost, security, and scalability just to name a few.

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How Does KiwiSign Compare Against The Competition In Pricing?

Many companies charge a monthly fee and only let you change your messages once every day or week, while at KiwiSign, you are free to change your message as much as you want, whenever you want, with zero fees! Simply put, we are 100% free and our platform is extremely user-friendly. There is no better digital signage provider out there than us; not even close!

What Kinds Of Ads Can I Run On My Signs?

One of the major benefits of digital signage is its effectiveness at displaying custom information based on location and specific needs; for example, a store’s out-of-stock signs can be changed to display products available at other locations or stores in nearby areas. Other simple and effective uses include listing specials and sales or displaying local events or news related to weather, traffic, etc. The possibilities are virtually limitless!

Where Do I Put My Signs?

Now that you’ve decided on digital signage software and are eager to get your signs in place, there are two questions that come to mind: where should I put my digital signs, and how many? There are countless placement options for digital signage; however, there is a right way and a wrong way for it to go down. Let’s start with some suggestions about where not to put your signs before we dive into some possible answers as to where you should be.

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