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Visakhapatnam, often known as Vizag, is a port city and industrial centre located on the Bay of Bengal in Andhra Pradesh. Gold is most often purchased in Vizag during the wedding season, festivals such as Diwali, and auspicious events such as Akshaya Tritiya, when buyers flock to jewellery stores around the city to take advantage of the tempting discounts. Residents of Visakhapatnam often see the precious yellow metal as a traditional form of investment. Today gold rate in Vizag is influenced by events in India and across the world. The gold price 22k today in Vizag is given below. Read through this article to know all about current gold prices in Vizag and how you can invest in it. 

Gold price 22k today in Vizag

Today gold rate in Vizag depends on several factors such as municipal taxes and transit fees, as well as considerable additional expenses levied by jewellery businesses across the city. The gold rate in Vizag is ₹ 4,585 per gram for 22-carat gold and ₹ 5,002 for 24-carat gold. 

Below is the carat-wise gold price 22k today in the city of Vizag. 

CaratRate (Per gram)
22₹ 4,585
24₹ 5,002

A 24-carat gold bar is distinguished from a 22-carat gold bar in that the former is said to be the purest type of gold, containing no other metal. In the case of 22-karat gold, some metal may be present, affecting its overall purity and cost. In short, gold of 24-Carat is the purest form of gold which is not contaminated by any other element. 

Ways of investing in gold in Visakhapatnam (Vizag)

Gold has always been regarded as a unique and valuable metal. It may now be used as a hedge against inflation and deflation. Gold, being a worldwide store of value, may also provide financial security during geopolitical and economic turmoil. Today gold rate in Vizag and other parts of the world is booming. Thus it is an excellent investment opportunity. Following are some of how you can invest in gold in the city.


One of the most traditional forms of trading in Vizag is through the exchange of gold pieces of jewellery, as it is consider one of the safest ways. Many families make gold pieces of jewellery on special occasions such as festivals to use them in their hardships and economic instabilities. 

Gold coins and bars

Many people are fond of investing in gold as it holds great economic importance. One of the most common ways of doing so is investing in gold coins and bars. In the past, emperors and kings used to exchange in the form of gold coins and bars. Many people are also interest in keeping coins and bars at home.

Gold ETFs

Egold primarily refers to ETFs or stock market investments in gold mining firms. One ETF unit is equivalent to 1 gram of gold. ETFs are similar to mutual funds in that they invest in gold. ETFs are becoming increasingly popular across the country due to their high liquidity and convenience of investment, among other benefits. Furthermore, there is no wealth tax, making it an appealing investment alternative.


Visakhapatnam has hundreds of jewellery businesses because its location in southern India consumes a lot of gold. The gold price 22k today does not deter locals from investing in gold throughout the year. However, during the holiday and wedding seasons, the number of individuals purchasing gold grows substantially. Other than a means of investment, nowadays, many companies and banks offer gold loans. Gold loans are among the most secure types of loans acquire from a firm or bank by pledging gold as collateral.

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