Apply for Permanent Residence in Canada Through Express Entry in Five Easy Steps

Permanent Residence in Canada

Canada is one of the top choices for people worldwide when it comes to settling down overseas. The country ranks high among countries providing the best work environment to immigrants; Skilled workers drive a massive portion of the Canadian economy.

For the same reason, the government of Canada has introduced several immigration policies to make it easy for the applications to get through. Canada has planned to welcome more than 400,000 new permanent residents for 2022. And to achieve the said target, several immigration programs are put in place, one of which is pr Canada express entry.

Express Entry is an application system for foreign workers to get permanent Canadian residence. The application involves five steps that are discussed further in the article.

Who can apply through Express Entry?

Three main application categories proceed under Express Entry. The details for the same are:

Canadian Experience Class:

This program is specifically for people who have previous Canadian work experience. You must have spent at least three years working in Canada to apply under the experience class category.

Federal Skilled Worker Program:

This program is for skilled professionals with foreign work experience. There are additional requirements like educational background and minimum work experience, which you can discuss when you connect with your best pr Canada consultant in India.

Federal Skilled Trades Program:

This category under pr Canada express entry is for workers qualified in a skilled trade. You need a valid job offer and a certificate of qualification to apply in the process of the federal skilled trades program.

Application procedure:

Step One: Check Your Eligibility

As explained above, there are three main categories of applications accepted for pr Canada express entry. And the eligibility criteria for all three programs vary a little. You can get the full eligibility details and immigration guidance by contacting the best pr Canada consultant in India.

Step Two: Create Your Profile

After confirming your eligibility, the next thing is to create a personal application profile. You can create your profile on the official IRCC website, the governing body for handling immigration in Canada.

Step Three: Prepare Your Documents

When you create the profile, you will need to provide the supporting documents to prove your eligibility via any one of the three programs. Some of the documents generally asked under pr Canada express entry are listed below:

● Passport/travel document

● Educational credential assessment report

● Language test results

● Provincial nomination (if applicable)

● Written job offer from a Canadian employer

● Proof of funds

There are several additional documents needed while proceeding with your application. You can get the details regarding the same from a legitimate Canada pr consultant in India.

Step Four: Submit Your Profile

Once you fill out all your details with supporting documents, you can submit the profile and wait for a response from the authorities. Based on the profile, each candidate is given a relevant CRS score that determines whether or not the applicant can go ahead as a pr in Canada.

Step Five: Receive the Invitation to Apply

If your score is good enough, you will get an official invitation to proceed with your application. You can submit your application within 60 days of getting the invitation letter. And once submitted, the application is generally approved within six months.So, these were the five simple steps to apply for work visa canada. And when you choose the best pr consultant in India, everything fits perfectly, and the process becomes a lot more seamless.

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