Barbie House with Boxes

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Custom boxes are seen all around us. Your storeroom might fill with a number of custom-printed boxes after every purchase. Either end up in the trash or remain stacked one over the other in your storeroom, occupying much space. Cardboard is the most versatile material that can be used to make many items for storage and home decoration. Kids’ toys are one of them. Making a Barbie house with custom boxes is a great idea. Dollhouses are sometimes expensive to purchase from the market. But making them from some old custom boxes is an interesting way to construct a house for your dolls. Below are some of the easy steps to make a Barbie house with cardboard boxes:

Material Required for Barbie House with Boxes

  • Two boxes of equal size
  • glue
  • tape
  • utility knife
  • Paintbrush 
  • ruler
  • cutting board
  • scrapbook papers
  • Stickers, beads, and paints for decorating

Step 1: Put the Cardboard Boxes Together

For making a Barbie house, you need two custom packaging boxes and put them together. You may also use any old gift or display boxes for this purpose. Lay one box on the side of the other and glue them together. As the glue dries, you may also attach tape to it to make them fix in a better way. If the boxes you used have handle holes, add a small piece of cardboard inside the box to close it. You may add a piece of cardboard between the two boxes and on its top to provide more strength. As cardboard is a strong material, cut it by placing it on a cutting board. Use a utility knife and a ruler to cut it straight.

Step 2: Making the Stairs

To make the dollhouse’s stairs, cut out the two-step sides along with the stair tops. Make them fit over each other. Make small tabs from a thin sheet of cardboard and glue the steps together from underneath. You can make the stairs of your required size. Two flights of stairs are designed with a small storage area in this case. It can serve as a stage too.

Step 3: Paint the Dollhouse

For painting the Barbie house, first, remove the tape. You may have to hold out the house while the paint is drying. Start painting the dollhouse from the top and then move to the stairs. Use spray paint as it does not warp the cardboard so much. Wait for the paint to dry.

Step 4: Decorate the House

Now it’s time to add your special touches to the Barbie house. Most little girls like the pink color, so you can add ribbons, beads, and stickers in pink. You can also go with the natural look of cardboard boxes or whatever you like. You may also make some attractive designs from scrapbook paper and apply them by using a chip brush and water-thinned glue.

Step 5: Place the Dolls and other Accessories Inside

Once your paint gets dry, place your Barbie inside it. Prepare a room for the doll by putting all the necessary things inside it. You can also design furniture and other room accessories with small pieces of cardboard. Design the bedroom, living room, and drawing room with different colors to add a fascinating look.

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