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While there are different types of black salt, Himalayan black salt is the most common. This is rock salt from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and other parts of the Himalayas. The use of black salt was first documented in Ayurvedic medicine, a traditional holistic approach to health that originated in India. Ayurvedic practitioners claim that Himalayan black salt has healing properties. However, it is debatable whether these claims are based on sound research. Interestingly, despite its name, Himalayan black salt has a pinkish brown color.

Types of black salts and their use

There are three main types of black salt:

  1. Himalayan black salt
  2. Lava black salt
  3. Ritual black salt.

Himalayan black salt

Himalayan black salt can also be called Indian black salt or black salt. Despite the recognition of its therapeutic properties, few studies support these claims. Due to its pungent, spicy and umami taste, it is often used in cooking, especially in Asian and Indian cuisines. In addition, it is used to flavor eggs in vegetarian cuisine due to its mild, sulphurous, egg-like flavor.

black lava salt

Black lava salt can also be called Hawaiian black salt because it usually comes from Hawaii. While black Himalayan salt is pinkish brown in color, black lava salt lives up to its name and is black in color. It imparts a characteristic earthy flavor and is sprinkled on foods at the end of cooking in the form of salt. Since it imparts a mild smoky flavor to food, it is a great addition to smoked dishes.

Ritual black salt.

Black ritual salt, also known as witch salt, is a mixture of ash, sea salt, charcoal, and sometimes black paint. It is not used for consumption. Although not supported by science, some believe that black salt rituals have magical powers to ward off evil spirits. Believers can sprinkle it in the yard or put it under the bed. While this superstitious practice is probably harmless, it is not recommended and there is no evidence of its use.

Potential Health Benefits

Choosing black salt can have many potential health benefits. First, black salt may contain less sodium than table salt. They also contain fewer additives and may provide additional therapeutic benefits.

May be lower in sodium than table salt

Commercial table salt can have more sodium than regular black salt. Because of its low sodium content, black salt can be a good choice for those with high blood pressure or who want to reduce their sodium intake. A diet high in sodium is associated with hypertension and may raise blood pressure in people with hypertension . Remember the food label when using black salt, as the sodium content can vary greatly from brand to brand.

May contain fewer additives

Black salt can have fewer additives than regular salt. This is because natural black salt is prepared in small form without any additives. In addition, common salt contains chemicals that can harm your health and compounds that prevent the formation of pimples. Some table salts also contain potentially harmful additives such as potassium iodate and aluminum silicate. Potassium iodine can increase the amount of fat, a process of damaged cells that destroys fat and can increase the risk of various diseases.

Other unfounded health claims

May contain more minerals: Himalayan black salt is said to have more minerals than regular table salt. However, research on the difference between these two salts is limited.

May improve digestion: Black salt is believed to help improve digestion, have a laxative effect, and reduce gas and inflammation. However, research is needed to confirm this information.

May enhance skin and hair: Due to its abundance of minerals, black salt can improve skin and hair health. Again, however, there is little research to support these claims.

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