What distinction can Pre-Roll Boxes bring to your business?

Pre-roll boxes are the need of the time. This need comes with the necessity of relaxants and recreational products in the industry. We should never ever overlook the fact that your packaging style is what has to be the most memorable first impression you can have on your consumers. The looks of the product are always responsible for reassuring the consumers about the quality of the product they are about to buy.

These boxes have a special capability of holding pre-rolls in them according to their measured dimensions. Thus, this capacity is one of the important factors in changing the look of the packaging according to the desires of the business owners. Not only is this but there are certain other factors too such as colours, printing quality, instructional text, box design and the little add-ons that can have a huge impact on the end results.

Custom Pre-Roll Boxes

Pre-roll boxes can be customized in a hundred of thousands of different ways according to the creativity level of the designers. These chances of creating differences are where you can differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd. This task is not easy at all and that is why you are at the right place for your needs.

How can we be a guiding friend to you?

PackagingXpert is a packaging industry with extreme excellence throughout its decades of work. You can even check out our previous clients’ reviews to see that we have been doing our job on a level par with the best. We provide our clients with the opportunity to sketch out their imaginations with us and turn them into fascinating reality without much effort and with a lot of trust in us. Even if you are bewildered and puzzled about their choices against the market trends then too, you have nothing to be upset about because our team has designers and engineers who are available 24/7 to guide you through your decision-making steps and even during the execution of those decisions and preferences.

What choices do we offer?

We offer numerous options regarding pre-roll packaging. The material of the packaging used, for example, has to be the best, lasting and enduring so we have the options of cardboard stock, corrugated and kraft materials. They can be simple too and can be designed distinctively too, but you better go for the second option to individualize your packaging. The forms of printing we provide are set and digital printings and CMYK and PMS colour sets, you can also opt for some add-ons like UV spot, gold and silver foiling, debossing and embossing etc to make your product excel all the other products on the retail shelf. Our team has been a maestro in creativity, that’s why we recommend you to have faith and confidence in us. We provide different options of coatings too such as matte and gloss etc.

The size and shape of the box however depend on the product specifications. The size of the box has to be according to the number and size of pre-rolls to be accommodated per box while the shape of the box is totally on the choice of the client. There can be some additional efforts too to make your sales hit the highest notes possible. One of the ways is the window panes, which help the product form a direct connection with the consumer at the first sight as it provides a little sneak peek for a preliminary study of the product he/she is about to buy.

How do we assure the freshness of your Pre-Rolls?

We respect the purpose of pre-rolls and that’s why make sure to manufacture such custom boxes that can keep the rolls inside fresh as day one. We follow certain processes such as perforation, Scoring, Gluing etc and use the material best known to be the most non-tearable and with a sealing effect to make sure the pre-rolls reach the consumer end in the best form possible.

Why should you choose our services?

We deliver our orders in the least possible turnaround time and if you want urgent shipping then that could be done too, within four to five working days. The orders will be with you on your doorstep free of cost within the United States and at the most economical prices outside the United States too. We offer all our services at the best and most affordable prices in the whole packaging industry. So, trust us with the looks of your products, hop on to our website and contact us via email or phone number.

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