If you’re seeking out an excellent fragrance on a price range then appearance no further! Because nowadays I’m going to proportion with you a fragrance via way of means of the logo Dossier withinside the heady fragrance Fruity Almond! I become despatched this fragrance from PrismPop and I am so excited to proportion with you men my thoughts. 


DOSSIER become created at the concept that top class fragrances must be made to be had to everyone. They make perfumes stimulated via means of famous excessive cease and comfort perfumes and provide them to you at a miles greater lower priced price! 

The heady fragrance Fruity Almond is stimulated by way of means of the Carolina Herrera Good Girl! 

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About DOSSIER Fruity Almond 

Fragrance Notes:

– Almond, Peach, Orris, Orange Blossom, Tuberose, Tonka Bean, Vanilla and Cocoa

I am really captivated by this fragrance! Ever because it arrived withinside the mail I’ve been carrying it pretty much each unmarried day! 

The heady fragrance could be very clean. Kind of rings a bell in my memory of that sparkling out of the bathe scent. The notes that actually stand out for me are the peach and vanilla. When I put on this fragrance I normally spray on my wrists, internal elbows, at the back of the ears and this lasts actually all day. Even after carrying this fragrance out all day, I should nonetheless scent it on my wrists. 

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The satisfactory component of this fragrance though, is that its handiest costs $29.00!

About Carolina Herrera Good Girl 

It could be similar to a word that I’ve by no means definitely attempted or maybe smelled this fragrance before! 

Fragrance Notes:

– Tuberose, Jasmine and Tonka Bean

This fragrance is meant to scent floral and warm. It additionally comes withinside the Iconic first of its kind, excessive heel bottle! 

This fragrance sells between $30 and $175! 

Pros (Fruity Almond)

– Comparing Carolina Herrera and Dossier, each perfume has very comparable perfume notes. Some are exceptional however loads are the equal. 

– This heady fragrance lasts all day in your skin.

– Very low priced! I love that I could have an excessive perfume without spending an arm to get it!


– Fruity Almond is available in quite simple packaging, whilst Good Girl comes a totally female iconic excessive heel bottle that might be tremendous to feature to any perfume collection!

Final thoughts

With Fruity Almond having nearly the same perfume notes as Good Girl, and the expenses being notably exceptional with Fruity Almond at $29 and Good Girl between $30-$175. It’s a no-brainer on which one is the winner here! And despite the fact that I really love the precise packaging of Good Girl, it’s actually approximately the product itself and with Fruity Almond being of such excessive quality, I don’t see a want to spend all that cash on Carolina Herrera after I can simply purchase Dossier and feature the equal thing.

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