Dr. Curtis Cripe Points Out the Amazing Benefits Gardening Has on one’s Mental Health

Mental Health

There is no doubt to the deterioration of general mental health is the collateral damage of Covid-19. Age no longer remained a factor in one being affected by it; both the adult and the child have been affected alike because of the constant confinement they had to be in for prolonged days. The children were particularly deprived of going out to play or even meeting their friends. They did not get a chance to socialize for almost two years and that’s what led to increased cases of mental problems, informs psychologist and counselor Dr. Curtis Cripe.

Dr. Curtis is the founder of the NTL group and additionally plays the role of a CEO in Scottsdale. He is also the creator of Crossroads Institute. The clinical specialists here patented neurodevelopmental approaches to help patients who complained of anxiety and addiction. At times some patients also came just to gain assistance to improve their cognitive skills.

How Gardening is Helpful in Relieving one of Mental Issues

To help those patients cope with their stress and anxiety, one very unique and effective remedy as Dr. Curtis Cripe recommended is to indulge in the activity of gardening. He strongly suggests that getting involved in this activity can help one get several benefits for mental health irrespective of whether the individual is a novice or an expert in the activity.

Some of the things that gardening allows one to do that aid in taking care of mental health involve:

  1. Natural setting – the most important thing that gardening does is to cause the person to come out of the house into a natural setting. Nature is said to have a calming effect on the minds of those who love it; it is then needless to say that the stress levels come down and thereby the anxiety as well.
  2. Freeing the mind – the flowers and the soil have a certain mesmerizing effect on the mind whereby says Dr. Curtis Cripe, the mind gets engrossed in other things that do not create worry or fear and may also facilitate one to forget everything else and get busy with it.
  3. Physical health – apparently gardening may not seem to be such a physical task the need to move things and oneself from one place to another. Additionally plowing the piece of land to sow the seeds or saplings will need physical strength and hence help in burning out some extra calories. Watering the garden also requires some physical strength to lift and move the sprinkler. Moreover, one has to constantly bend over and again change positions to be careful to not kill any seed or sapling. This too helps the body to exercise to some extent.

Anxiety can only create problems, therefore every possible attempt should be made to ensure that the events and episodes that instigate the anxiety of a person are kept away from them. Even if one does fall prey to this terrible mental disorder, it is always better to seek consultation from either a psychologist or a counselor. They help one not only overcome anxiety but also keep it at bay and help reduce its effect to a minimum.

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