Get Ready for a New Wave of Gaming with Web3

How will blockchain and Web3 change the game? Well, it might not happen overnight, but there are already some games with Web3-powered components that are starting to emerge. Blockchain gaming company Devery has integrated its blockchain technology into the Enjin platform, which claims to be the world’s largest social gaming platform with more than 250,000 users and 20 million views per month on Twitch alone.

Why is web3 important to gaming?

Web3 game development is important because it changes the relationship between the player and the game. In a traditional web2 game, the player is at the mercy of the game developers, who control everything from the rules to the in-game economy. With web3, players can own their in-game items and have full control over how they play the game. This gives them a sense of agency and ownership that was previously not possible. Additionally, web3 games can be more engaging and immersive than traditional games because they can take advantage of blockchain technology to create new gaming experiences. For example, in a web3 game, players could earn cryptocurrency rewards for completing tasks or achieving goals. This would create a more incentive-based gaming experience that could lead to more player involvement and interaction.

What does this mean for gamers?

Web3 game development is the future of gaming. With web3, gamers will be able to connect to their favorite games and play them directly from their browser. No more downloading or installing software! Plus, web3 games will be more secure and private than ever before.

The new world of game development doesn’t need to deal with expensive licensing fees, piracy protection and other business models that just don’t work in this new era. 

In addition, because blockchain is a distributed ledger that stores data on multiple nodes all over the world, your data won’t depend on one central server. 

The best part? Web3 games are cheaper to produce. The cost savings means developers can offer higher quality content at lower prices which makes it accessible for more people around the world. 

Lastly, because web3 games run on blockchain technology you can use cryptocurrency to purchase upgrades and items in-game without needing credit cards or other payment methods like PayPal.

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What does this mean for game developers?

Web3 game development refers to the creation of online games that use decentralized technologies. This new wave of gaming will be powered by the Ethereum blockchain, which offers gamers a more secure and transparent gaming experience. With web3, developers will have more control over their game data and assets, and players will be able to connect with each other directly. This could potentially lead to a more collaborative and immersive gaming experience. For developers, this means creating games that are not only fun but also promote healthy competition and social interaction.

The future looks bright for Game Developers and Gamers

Web3 is the next evolution of the internet, and it’s set to change the gaming landscape in a big way. For developers, web3 means easier access to blockchain technology and the ability to create truly decentralized games. For gamers, it means more immersive, trustless experiences with the potential to earn real rewards. With web3, the future of gaming is looking very bright indeed.

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