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Quran Teacher for Kids

Chances are, your children haven’t yet memorized the Quran, but you’re probably already wondering when and how you can get them started on it. But don’t worry – before you know it, they’ll be able to recite at least some verses from memory! This doesn’t just happen overnight, of course, so you’ll want to carefully consider what type of Quran course you choose for them. Learn Quran with our Quran Teacher for Kids.

What you will learn

  1. How can we understand the meaning of Quranic verses?
  2. What are some things that we should do to make it easier for us to remember verses?
  3. What are some things that we should avoid while trying to memorize Quranic verses?
  4. What is a good way to learn and memorize more verses of the Quran? How can we apply what we’ve learned about reciting and memorizing Quranic Verses in our daily lives?

The difference in teaching the Quran to children
Many people believe that teaching children about Islam is difficult. This belief comes from a lack of knowledge and understanding about the process of teaching children. The key to teaching kids about Islam is having patience, understanding and clarity. Children are not born knowing everything so they need guidance from their parents or teachers to understand what they are taught.
The first thing you must do when teaching children is make sure that they are open and willing to learn. You also have to be patient when they ask questions because some will be more interested in learning than others. It’s important that you don’t get frustrated if your child doesn’t seem like he or she wants to learn because it takes time for them to open up and accept something new

Why we teach children to read English, Urdu and Arabic all at once
I’m sure you’re wondering why we teach children to read English, Urdu and Arabic all at once. Here’s what I know: – Learning more than one language can help your child become bilingual or even trilingual. – Children’s brains are wired to learn languages easily, so it is easy for them to take in information and learn a new language quickly. – Speaking more than one language can make your child smarter and give them a better understanding of their environment.

How we differ from other institutes?
We are a team of expert Quran teacher for kids who have been teaching this subject for years.Our courses are specially catered for kids.we have an experienced team of qualified and professional teachers to teach your kids. All our instructors speak in easy English, Urdu, Arabic and Hindi so that it is easier for your children to learn this sacred language. we also have interactive whiteboard presentations, animations and more interesting activities so that you can be rest assured that learning is fun!

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