How Can You See Who Follows Your Spotify Playlist?

If you’ve ever created a Spotify playlist Followers and wondered who changed into listening, you’re not the best one. However, with Spotify, there are limitations.

The tune streaming app would not monitor the whole thing about your playlist fans, however, for those mainly curious, we’ve got a workaround for you.

Here’s what you may find out approximately your followers at the tune streaming app:

Can you notice who follows your Spotify playlist?

No. Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t let you see character fans on your playlists. However, there are some different alternatives which could offer perception approximately your fans.

How to peer how many followers a Spotify playlist has

  • Launch the Spotify app on your telephone or laptop.
  • Go to your Library. Choose the desired playlist.
  • The current variety of fans might be displayed underneath the name and may be listed either as followers or likes.

How to peer who follows your Spotify account the usage of your laptop

  • Open Spotify’s laptop app on your PC or Mac laptop and log into your account, if important.
  • Click for your profile name, placed it closer to the top-right nook of your display screen, and then choose Profile.
  • Your Spotify follower account will appear under your call — click on that count number to see a listing of your followers.

How to see who follows your Spotify account the use of your phone

  • Open the Spotify app to your iPhone or Android tool.
  • Tap the tools icon in the top-right nook of your screen.
  • Select your profile name at the top of the screen.
  • Your follower count number will appear beneath your call — tap the count to peer through a list of your fans.

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