How to Choose A Condo Unit

Investing in new housing is indeed a crucial decision. Influenced by budget, lifestyle, and need, one can narrow down options for a durable housing choice. After HDB housing, the condo is one of Singapore’s most demanded and preferred housing choices. You will find resale and new launch condos in Singapore. To upgrade your housing, you must have sound knowledge about condos to make an informed decision. Here, we will discuss some key features that will help you choose a Singapore condo unit. 

How to Pick a Condo Unit

You can connect with Singapore Property Launches to ease your condo hunt or find on your own. People can easily get tempted by brochures showing luxury condos. But you must do your homework and evaluate to authenticate the originality. Here, we will discuss some essential factors that will help you find a suitable condo. 

  1. Resale or New Condo?

Before you begin your condo hunt, decide whether you want to buy a resale or a new launch condo in Singapore. It will help you define your budget. New launch condos will have better amenities. You will be the first owner that can give you an edge. In contrast, resale condos can be an excellent option for a lower budget. You will have a predictable rental income if you buy a resale condo for investment purposes. You might find larger-sized resale condos as compared to the newly launched ones. Compare the pros and cons of condo types and choose according to your need. 

  1. Consider the Vicinity

 The location of the condominium is of prime importance. Your new home should be near basic facilities like schools, hospitals, groceries, entertainment places, offices, and more. Transport services should be available for travel. Choosing a remotely constructed condo might be cheaper, but you will have difficulty accessing basic needs. It will cost you more on travelling to the main city. 

  1. Condo Unit Floor

People prefer Condos due to access to breathtaking views. Find a condo where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery with your afternoon cup of coffee. You don’t want to pull your curtains and see a noisy area. When you have the opportunity to buy a condo, why not benefit from its location? A condo is usually a multi-storied building. It is recommended to find a middle floor. If the building faces any power outage, you will not have to walk through a lot of stairs.  Choosing a higher-floor condo unit will cost you more, but it will have a better view. 

  1. Access the Condo Amenities 

The condo is often preferred due to the amenities provided. You must visit the condo yourself and access the quality amenities. Is it the same as you have seen in the advertisement? Physically accessing the condo will help you rule out any doubt. We recommend choosing a condo unit through Singapore Property Launches, where we first verify the authenticity of the condo and its facilities and then refer it to our clients. Access the elevator of the condo. It should be spacious and in working condition. 

A newly launched condo in Singapore will have better quality amenities than the resale condo. See the type of facilities provided and observe the cleanliness and maintenance. You will know a lot about the Housing Board. 

  1. Read the Condo Rules

To live in a condo, you must abide by specific rules. These rules are established to lower and limit the number of damages or unfavorable situations. Some condos have strict rules that are hard to follow for some people. Meet the management team of the Condo unit and discuss rules, regulations, security systems, and risks of breaking the rules. During your discussion, observe the professionalism of the manager. It will reflect the condo management’s seriousness and level of responsibility.

  1. Inquire About Parking Area

The limited parking area is a known problem for condos. The condo provides an allocated parking area for its residents. They might have a monthly fee for parking allowance. The parking area might be underneath the building or have a separate area. Visit the parking lot and observe its spaciousness. Is it easy to reverse your car and drive out of the building? 

Wrapping Up

Choosing a condo unit can become easy through Singapore Property Launches. Why not connect with a property expert rather than visiting multiple condos and exhausting your energy. Provide us with your requirements and preferences, and we will connect you with your dream house. We provide a competitive market process for new launch condos in Singapore.  Your house hunt should be a seamless process so you can cherish your dream house. 

Our team is readily available to assist you. Connect with us to learn further about our processes and support. 

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