How to Link Instagram to Twitter and Tweet All Your Photos?

You positioned exceptional images on Instagram. Everyone’s observed…Besides for your Twitter fans. Why are not you sharing your photographs on Twitter? If the handiest element stopping you is the more paintings of uploading photos a 2d time, don’t worry: You can link News Blizz Instagram to Twitter, so pix tweet mechanically. There are two principal methods to try this.

The first, supplied by way of Instagram, is simple to set up and permits you to determine whether or not or not to push a picture to Twitter as you post to Instagram. The disadvantage: the actual picture doesn’t show up on Twitter.

Instead, followers will see a link to the picture on Instagram. (If you don’t forget this operating in another way at some unspecified time in the future, you’re right: before 2014 Instagram might push the pictures to Twitter.)

Happily, there’s another approach: You can hyperlink Instagram to Twitter using Zapier. It’s a little more work to install, but you simplest must do so as soon as for all of your Instagram photographs to sincerely display on Twitter.

Let’s move over each strategy, so you can select the one it is proper for you.

How to Link Instagram to Twitter and robotically tweet hyperlinks to photos

If you want to tweet hyperlinks in your Instagram snapshots, in order that Twitter followers need to click through to Instagram in an effort to see your pictures, you may try this from the Instagram app.Open Settings > Account.

  • Head to Linked Accounts > Twitter and you could log into your Twitter account.
  • You can now tweet pix whilst uploading them to Instagram by means of turning in the Twitter transfer earlier than posting.

Like we said before, this could simplest tweet a link for your photo on Instagram—the picture itself will no longer show up. If you need people to click via Instagram and doubtlessly follow you there, this is probably a good factor. The drawback, of the route, is humans are less possibly to observe your post inside the first location.

How to robotically tweet pix by means of linking Instagram to Twitter the usage of Zapier

Want your Twitter followers to clearly see your Instagram image as they scroll through their timelines? Instagram would not provide that functionality, however, we do.

You can connect Instagram to Twitter with the use of Zapier to robotically tweet all your Instagram photos going ahead. Here’s how you may create a Zap—the automatic workflows you create with Zapier—to make it show up:

Option 1: Get started quickly with a Zap template

We have a template to help you get started out quick. Click the button under and you may be guided thru setup. You’ll want to create a Zapier account if you do not have already got one.

Here’s the way it works:

  • Click on the button.
  • Connect your Instagram and Twitter money owed.
  • Decide how you need your tweet to appear by way of mapping fields from Instagram.
  • Choose whether you would like Zapier to mechanically shorten URLs on your tweet.
  • Test your workflow and turn it on.

Option 2: Create your personal Zap

If you need greater control over the records on your Zap or would really like to add extra movements—as an example, maybe you want to tweet your Instagram pictures and pin them to a Pinterest board—you can click here to create a brand new Zap from scratch.

You’ll be asked to create a Zapier account if you have not already. Once you are signed in, you need to install your trigger—the event that starts your Zap.

Search for and choose Instagram as your cause app, and pick out New Media Posted in My Account as the trigger event. Click Continue.

If you haven’t related your Instagram account to Zapier before, click on Choose an account… after which + Connect a brand new account. Any Instagram money owed you’ve formerly linked can be available within the dropdown menu. Once you’ve linked your Instagram account, click on Continue.

When you click News Blizz the Test trigger button, Zapier will look for the latest post on your Instagram account.

  • You’ll use this pattern to set up and test the following step to your Zap.
  • Once you have got a successful test, click on Continue.

Next, you may install your action. Search for and select Twitter as your action app and Create Tweet as your motion occasion. Click Continue on

Next, you may install your action. Search for and select Twitter as your action app and Create Tweet as your motion occasion. Click Continue on News Blizz.


If you haven’t connected your Twitter account to Zapier before, click on Choose an account… after which + Connect a new account. If you’ve got a Twitter account you’ve got formerly linked and need to apply, choose it from the dropdown menu. Once you have related your Twitter account, click on Continue.

Now it is time to personalize your tweet. You can either kind in textual content—for you to seem the same each time your Zap runs—or you could pick out information from Instagram to use.

In this example News Blizz, I want to encompass “From Instagram” every time Zapier tweets an image from my account, so I’m together with that textual content inside the Message field.

If you want to include the original caption and link to the Instagram put-up, click inside the Message subject. You’ll see a list of records from your Instagram cause you examined earlier. Select Caption to apply the original Instagram caption and Permalink for the Instagram post link.

To configure the photograph or media in order to be for your tweet, click on the Image, Video or GIF discipline. Select Media URL from the dropdown menu.

This is the media out of your Instagram trigger which you examined earlier. When you switch your Zap on, this ensures that Zapier might be tweeting your brand-new Instagram photos and films.

Connect Instagram to other apps

Want your Instagram snapshots to reveal on different social networks? Here are a few Zaps that will help you set that up:

Check out our Instagram integrations for greater, and to learn how to make your own. This piece changed into firstly posted on September 16, 2019, and written with the aid of Justin Pot. It turned into drastically updated in December 2021, by way of Krystina Martinez.

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