How To Look For A Job In Saskatchewan, Canada?

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Canada is full of opportunities. Saskatchewan is a province in Canada that attracts immigrants because of the employment opportunities and the standard of life its residents enjoy. The Canadian immigration system has predefined rules for hiring permanent and temporary employees outside Canada. With PNP Saskatchewan being one of the ways of becoming an immigrant and working in the province, there are other ways available too. 

Immigration criteria & your skills

Your eligibility for working in Saskatchewan depends on your skills and work experience. These must match the Canadian government’s specifications and the employer’s requirements. More importantly, you will need a work permit as it is illegal to work in Canada without having one. You can obtain a work permit through the following ways:

Temporary work

You can find temporary work by finding an employer. The employer will apply for the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). A positive LMIA will allow the employer to hire a foreigner for work. You have to attach this copy of LMIA to your application for a work permit and submit it to the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). You can move to the province and work temporarily with this permit.

Permanent work

You can apply for a work permit and then become a permanent resident through the PNP Saskatchewan. It is a provincial nominee program (PNP) and is also called the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). 

Saskatchewan prescribes 3 categories for immigration under its nominee program:

  1. Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker

The following come under this category-

  • Employment offer- If a person has an employment offer from an employer located in Saskatchewan and the person has scored sufficient points in the SINP assessment grid, they can go to Canada and work.
  • Express Entry- The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is a way for the express entry of international skilled workers. One can apply for this nomination program based on the skills that match the SINP criteria, including qualifications and experience.
  • In-demand occupation- This is apt for those who have qualifications for an in-demand occupation but do not have an employment offer in hand. For this, the candidate needs to fulfil the required criteria when applying.
  1. Experience in Saskatchewan

This category holds for those who already have experience working in this province. 

  • If you have a closed work permit or fall under the International Experience Canada Program and have 6 months of experience, you are eligible for immigration.
  • Health care professionals who are internationally qualified with 6 months of experience in Saskatchewan are eligible for immigration.
  • Students who graduated from a university in Saskatchewan are eligible.
  1. Entrepreneur and Farm

This category is for business immigration to Canada. 

  • Farm owners or farmers who have the financial resources, are interested in farming and want to move to Saskatchewan fall under this category.
  • Those aiming to start a business in Canada fall under this category. They can do it by filling out an EOI (Expression of Interest). The applicant should have CAD 500,000 in net worth, a way of legally getting funds for the business, and entrepreneurial or managerial experience of at least 3 years. If qualified, business immigration to Canada can be done.

Job sites

Some of the job sites you visit to look for jobs in Saskatchewan are:

  • Workopolis
  • Indeed
  • Eluta

You can look for a work permit through PNP Saskatchewan and find a job that suits your skills.

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