How to Watch Live Cricket on Your IOS Device

When it comes to watching live cricket on your IOS device, you have a lot of choices. There are some streaming services that are free, but many others charge a monthly fee. If you’d like to have a subscription to a service that offers more than 50 channels, JioTV is an excellent choice.

Wasila Tv

Watching live cricket on iOS device is easy if you have wasila tv app installed on it. This app allows you to watch live matches and television shows. The app is free to download and use. However, you will have to pay for live streams after the free trial. The interface of the app is similar to that of YouTube. In the app, you can choose a channel, TV show or movie to watch. You can also sign up with your Gmail or Facebook account to gain access to more content.

Wasila tv is also available for Android devices. While Hotstar is the most popular app for live cricket in India, it offers a wide variety of entertainment. The app has more than 350 million downloads and covers all major sports from Formula 1 to tennis. You will be able to view all the latest information from these events, and the app offers ad-free, non-interrupted experience. Users should be aware that Hotstar is not available in every country.


If you want to watch live cricket on your iPhone or iPad, you can now do so with SonyLIV. The app also offers you a variety of other live content including Indian television shows, movies, and original web series. It also features a number of games and quizzes to keep you entertained.

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It offers free and premium subscriptions. It is mostly focused on live sports streaming and offers sports content from multiple providers. It also features original content and can stream live cricket matches from all over the world.


If you love watching live cricket, then you can easily watch it on your iOS device. There are a number of live cricket streams available, some of which are free to view, while others require a payment. PTV is one such streaming service. You can watch all the major cricket events, including the T20 World Cup and the ODI matches. You can even bet online and keep track of your favorite team’s score.

The app itself is incredibly easy to use. This app provides live cricket scores and match results, ball-by-ball updates, and match news. If you want more features, you can subscribe to PTV Sports Live Pro for only $6.99 a month.

Yahoo! Cricket Scores

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world and is enjoyed by a lot of fans. It is second only to soccer with 4.5 billion people following the sport. It is a team sport and is played over a one-day period. If you are an IOS device user, there are many options available for watching live cricket scores on your device.

However, you may have some problems when it comes to streaming the game from your device. One of these problems is that you can only watch one game at a time. To circumvent this issue, you can use a VPN to change your IP address. However, you have to be aware that using a VPN is not a good idea because it will slow down your internet connection. In addition, your ISP will block the live cricket streaming if they suspect that you are using a VPN.

Cricinfo Snaptu

Cricinfo Snaptu is a multi-feature cricket app that allows you to watch live cricket matches, read the latest news, and follow the latest cricket scores. It is also an easy way to access the CricInfo website and social networks, so you can stay connected with the game wherever you go. This cricket application is one of my favorites, and I highly recommend it.

To watch live cricket on your iOS device, all you need is a good internet connection. The best option is to use a 3G network connection, as this will give you the best experience. You can also record the matches and watch them later if you want to. The app lets you record up to ten hours of content for free, and you can purchase additional space if needed.

OSN Play

There are a few ways to watch live cricket on iOS. First, you should make sure to sign up for a subscription to OSN Play. This app offers a variety of cricket channels as well as many other live sports events. It also offers a large library of movies and TV shows. This application is available for both iOS and Android devices and offers a free seven-day trial. Once you sign up, you can watch live cricket events without ads.

The next step is to download the OSN Play application. You can find OSN Play in the Google Play app by typing in osn play in the search bar. Then, tap on the Install button that appears just below the search bar and to the right of the app icon. Once installed, OSN Play will ask you to accept a few permissions, and will start the download process. A progress bar will appear as you wait.

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