How What and Why of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing elevates a product or service through content, videos, SEO, PPC, etc.

 This type involves any promotional activity in which digital items are used. It can be online and offline as well. This guide favors you if you want to study more about Digital marketing.

Why is Digital Marketing Essential?

In 2014-15 many companies invested in billboards as it is the only significant source to grab the flow of people. But now, as time changes, companies are moving towards digital marketing 

Digital marketing is the reason for Facebook and google’s progress, and they are making a considerable amount through it.

Future of Billboards and Other Sources of Marketing

People used to read newspapers and magazines in the past, but time has changed no body is purchasing these items as they get all this information through digital sources. So when nobody purchases these items, Newspapers and magazine advertisement becomes unworkable. The same happened with business card marketing. People used them in the past, but now social media and websites are doing the same and most effectively.

These billboards will also become impractical as driverless cars are already in the market, but they need some assistance. In the future, technology will improve; nobody will spend his time watching the roads.

Most likely, they will spend time using phones. That’s why digital marketing matters the most.

Online Mob

Research says five billion people go online for purchases, work, or research. To grab this crowd, digital marketing is a must.

If you are one of those who believe that I have a local store, so I don’t need digital marketing, you might be wrong. Around 88% of people research online and then go to local stores for shopping.

 Digital marketing strategy templates are helpful for people to understand your business. So make them correctly and according to your business plans.

Digital Marketing outline

There are two arms of Marketing 

  1. Online Digital Marketing
  2. Offline Digital Marketing

But for now, we are only discussing digital marketing and categories of digital marketing.

Digital marketing has five popular categories.

  1. Content marketing
  2. Search engine marketing
  3. social media marketing
  4. Search engine optimization
  5. Pay-Per-Click
  6. Email marketing

How to do Digital Marketing?

There are some steps to start digital marketing.

Specify Goals

The first thing to do in digital marketing is to define your goals. If your goals are gaining more audience, you must prefer social media and if you are doing it for business growth, do SEO.

However, it is easy to shape the digital marketing strategy after deciding the goals.

Target Audience

It is a huge benefit of digital marketing that you can target an audience according to your need. If you are selling custom boxes, only people looking for custom boxes can reach you. Other audiences will see ads related to their search.


The marketing budget also depends on the number of marketing elements you use. So if you have less to spend, you can advertise your business or service according to your need and amount.

Engaging Content

Once you have done with the goals and budget, try to produce engaging content that attracts and provides awareness of your business to customers.

Digital assets for mobile

Many people give most of their time on social media, so if you plan for digital advertising, do consider ads optimized for mobile.

Analytical Measure

Digital marketing provides you with all the analysis of your strategies and growth. Through these, you can measure all of your progress, and if, for some reason, your audience is not interested in your content as they were before, then you can change your strategies accordingly.


Digital marketing is essential as things are getting modernized. Nobody is paying attention to newspapers and billboards. Then you got to know about digital marketing. First, you have to specify goals, then target business related audience. Then produce good quality content to engage people. It would be best if you tried to consider ads optimized for mobile phones. 

The best thing about this type of marketing is it provides measures so that you can make strategies for the future.

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