Importance and Benefits of Using LyX and Scrivener for Dissertation

LyX and Scrivener are excellent writing tools that enhance the writing experience and are useful for writing a dissertation. The built-in features in LyX and Scrivener help the writers focus on their writing more effectively. These two programs offer a smooth writing experience due to their friendly user interface and a wide range of tools that make it alluring for every kind of academic writing. You can use LyX and Scrivener for smaller assignments such as short essays and as well as for dissertation writing. This article will tell you the importance and benefits of using LyX and Scrivener for dissertation.

What is Scrivener?

Scrivener is a writing program developed by Literature & Latte that has a distinctive technique for writing. Scrivener produces a whole project for the text you have to write instead of just one file. You can make your document’s sections, outlines, and edits inside this project. You can quickly structure your ideas and document any pertinent research because the project preserves all your work in one location. By doing this, you will have a pre-overview based on the broad outline of your project when it is time to write your first outline.

Scrivener is a useful writing tool for authors and especially dissertation writers. It lets the users document the notes and organise each document according to its type and usage. Users can integrate notes, ideas, citations and entire documents, providing easy access. Users can also combine the data from images, websites, PDFs, audio, video and websites into the dissertation project. Writers can export the final textual document to a publishing software easily.

Features of Scrivener

1. Corkboard Layout

You can store each extraction as a document if you have taken information or ideas from various research papers. Then, by seeing your extracts as index cards in a corkboard-style layout, you can get a quick summary of your studies. It will not only help you maintain focus on the main objective or the topic your research paper is attempting to address, but it will also enable you to rearrange your findings in a more sensible sequence. Scrivener’s drag and drop feature lets the users reorder the parts by dragging them to the desired location.

2. Composition Mode

Except for the document you are working on, this feature clears your screen of everything. When you need to put words on paper, this is surprisingly effective. Getting rid of all external disturbances also helps you write better because loads of reference material will not constantly bombard you.

3. Split-Screen View

You can open two documents simultaneously in Scrivener’s editing window. It is helpful when you refer to information or associated publications.

4. Research Folder

You can drag and drop any photographs or papers pertinent to your dissertation into the “Research” folder that comes by default with every new project you start. It guarantees that you can always get the required data no matter where you are in Scrivener.

5. Word Count Target

Writing every day can quickly become exhausting. Therefore, it is not strange that writers’ block is one of the most difficult obstacles that all authors must overcome. Even though you will still need to compel yourself to write, Scrivener’s “Word Targets” tool makes the process easier. This tool allows you to set a word count goal for each day or writing session. The goal is shown at the bottom of your screen. It aids in tracking your progress and has the added advantage of encouraging you to address your writing objectives in more regular sessions instead of lengthy and intensive ones that frequently result in exhaustion.

6. Templates

Scrivener provides users with numerous dissertation templates that assist the academic writing process. You can access these templates from the website of Literature & Latte. These templates encompass everything from single document layouts for academic essays or brief coursework assignments to complex setups for dissertations. You can customise the templates according to your desired objectives and structure them accordingly.

What is LyX?

LyX processes documents. It emphasises the document’s structure rather than just its appearance. LyX combines the usability of a GUI (Graphical User Interface) with the adaptability and customizability of TeX/LaTeX. It is recommended by top dissertation writing services because using it, you can produce high-quality documents like dissertations, books, and research papers using the seamless integration equation editor in LyX. LyX is for people who want to create stunning papers with little to no trouble.

What are the features of LyX?

1. Editor

LyX claims that it has the most efficient math formula editor. Users can enter the commands through an easy user interface and by inserting the LaTeX commands. Math macro functionality is also available in LyX. You can also receive assistance from several CAS or Computer Algebra Systems. Furthermore, the software supports every sort of graphic formatting, especially tables you want to use for the dissertation. Different character styles enhance the semantic outlook of the text.

2. Multilingual

You can compose your document in several languages with LyX. The software supports creating a document in Arabic, Hebrew, German, Spanish, English etc. Also, the program provides you with the option to translate the menu, instructions, error messages and key headers.

3. Multiple formats

You can import and export your dissertation document into multiple formats in LyX. The software features the following formats:

  1. LaTeX
  2. PDF
  3. Postscript
  4. DVI (Digital Video Interface)
  5. ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)
  6. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
  7. Open Document
  8. RTF (Rich Text Format)
  9. MS Word

4. Document Management

LyX’s great GUI (Graphical User Interface) makes it easy to access all crucial features directly from menus. Additionally, it provides you with textual assistance and formatting as you write. You can monitor changes. Also, you can combine it with alternative version control systems like GitHub, RCS, Subversion, etc., and use other critical capabilities on the document management side.


Scrivener and LyX are useful writing tools that enhance the writing experience. Their built-in features help the writers organise their dissertation and structure their thoughts for clarity. Dissertation writing becomes a fun activity with the help of these two programs.

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