What is the market overview for a fitness app, and what are the top fitness app in 2022?

Fitness apps

Millions of people download fitness applications worldwide. People like utilizing health applications to keep tabs on their heart rate, sleep quality, and calorie intake. Fitness apps became increasingly popular as consumers realized they could get customized workouts done at home without having to visit a facility.

You can create your own fitness app if you are aware of the features that consumers find useful. You have a good possibility of securing a market share in this sizable industry with this software and appropriate commercial efforts.

Market overview for fitness apps

As people’s interest in staying fit grows, more fitness apps are being downloaded. The COVID-19 pandemic made it worse because everyone had to exercise while staying at home.

More than half of the participants in the Good firms survey worked out at home. Additionally, 65.9% of respondents started their fitness routine after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Such a strategy shapes favorable trends in the market for fitness apps. The fitness application segment experiences the following changes, according to a Statista report:

The fitness app market is expected to generate $16.60 billion in revenue in 2022, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.18 percent predicted to bring in $30.24 billion by 2026. Many companies are delivering fitness apps for different purposes using different technologies. If you are looking for custom node js development companies, then choose Appverticals for the best results.

The best fitness apps

By 2022, the Google Play Store and the App Store will have more than 70,000 fitness-related apps available. Let’s examine the applications that are most widely used on these sources.

Calorie counter on MyFitnessPal

Fitness starts with what you consume, according to the app. As a result, it includes both physical activity and a good diet. You can establish objectives for your weight, exercise, and caloric intake and monitor your development. Users can also select their own plans or those that are provided by the app.

The app also has a capability for scanning food. You may scan a food item to find out how many calories it contains. The app also enables barcode reading for food packaging.

Google Fit: Activity Tracking

You can set goals for steps and heart points in this app. For a moderate exercise like walking, you get 1 point, and for running, you get 2 points. When you exercise or ride a bike, this fitness app records your speed, pace, route, and other details.


In the group of activity tracking apps, FitBit stands out. Users can check their caloric intake and activity level. The software also enables you to monitor your heart rate, sleep patterns, and exercise progress. Users can also assess their development by contrasting their nutrition and physical activity statistics. Additionally, the app lets you post the outcomes on social media.


One of the best applications for activity tracking is this one. It can be used when cycling, swimming, jogging, or all of the above. By updating your GPS, the program enables tracking of the distance you have traveled. This workout app displays your progress over the course of a week or another suggested period. You can contrast your accomplishments with those of other people.

WW (formerly Weight Watchers)

The app provides customized workout and weight loss plans. Users are free to select the foods they enjoy while adhering to individual nutrition recommendations. This nutrition app is well-liked by users because of its recipes and restaurant database. Additionally, the solution offers daily coach chat and weekly progress reports.

Muscle Booster

One of the exercise applications that provides customized routines for muscular growth is this one. There are more than 1000 exercises in it. You can obtain a customized program and adhere to your unique plan.

Additionally, you can decide which body parts you want to focus on. This workout plan software offers options for the shoulders, chest, arms, back, abdomen, and legs. Each exercise session consists of rounds, with the option to repeat some activities.

Home Workout – No Equipment

Daily training for all muscle groups is available on the fitness app. The workouts may be done with just your body weight and don’t require any other equipment. The workouts were created by experts for various muscle groups. For proper performance, each workout incorporates video coaching and animations. The app has received the most downloads out of all the health and fitness apps in the Google Play Store.

Zepp Life (formerly MiFit)

Running, cycling, and walking are just a few of the activities that the app tracks and analyses, along with sleep patterns. It examines the user’s postures and offers suggestions for better workouts. A customized sleep assistant evaluates sleep quality and suggests ways to make it better. Additionally, the app provides alerts when it’s time for a water break or a stroll after too much sitting.

How to profit from a fitness app.

Applications for fitness can earn their owners millions of dollars. MyFitPal was the most profitable app in March 2022, earning close to $9,000,000.

So, how can your app generate revenue? Making your app lucrative can be done in a number of ways. Let’s go over each one.

Paid apps.

Users must first purchase the app in order to access it. The features and content that an app delivers determine its price. The cost of the workout app is also influenced by whether it is an iOS or Android device. The cost of iOS apps is higher. As a result, different paid apps will have different prices.

In-app ads.

If you provide away your fitness app, you can encourage customers to make purchases through it. Based on the tastes and routines of the customers, the solution comprises a customized nutrition plan or healthy diet recipes.

Within-app purchases.

This strategy suggests that you give away some of your fitness apps for free. You can offer premium experiences like in-app purchases if you’ve attracted a sizable audience. For instance, in-app purchases may include add-free subscriptions or private coaching services.


If you collaborate with other fitness or sports-related businesses, your app can be profitable. Typically, the cost per click or cost per mille commission is included in the fitness app. Additionally, you could add advertisements for paid surveys and paid videos, which award users with points for taking certain actions.

Ad-supported material.

You can collaborate with fitness experts and incorporate their information into your app. Users will therefore benefit from your solution’s expert fitness knowledge and recommendations.

Due to the variety in this industry, developing a fitness app is difficult. However, the work is worthwhile. People like keeping track of their activities and bragging to their friends about their fitness accomplishments.

You should include all the tools customers need to track their progress in your fitness app. Integrate instructional and streaming features that will inspire your users. Consider your app’s convenience features as well, such as the ability to switch between exercises or select the music for your workout. You will be able to address people’s wants and produce fitness apps with the aid of such a strategy.

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