MBBS In Hainan Medical University At A Reasonable Fee

Hainan Medical University

Hainan Medical University

Hainan Medical University does not recognize PMCs for teaching MBBS in English, so Pakistani students are not recommended to apply to this university. According to PMC’s new regulations and Memorandum of Understanding, only 45 medical universities are allowed to teach MBBS in English, while other universities only teach MBBS in Hainan Medical University. A Pakistani student wishing to study abroad under an MBBS or equivalent program must complete his/her undergraduate studies in English to apply for the PMC qualifying examination in Pakistan.

In China, only 45 universities can offer MBBS programs in English.

Why is there so much talk about 45 Chinese universities being able to offer MBBS in English?

Press release from the Embassy of Pakistan in Beijing

NOTE: If you wish to apply to any of the Chinese universities, you must visit the PMC office in Delhi in person and first ensure that you have received a PMC Certificate of Eligibility and that you are eligible to sit for the PMC exam. After five years, you will return to Pakistan after completing your studies in Chinese or bilingual languages.

Fee structure:

Tuition fee: 20,000 yuan per year (approximately 2,00,000 rupees).

Accommodation fee: 2 000 yuan per year (double room) (approximately PKR 20 000).

Insurance fee: 600 yuan per year (approximately 6 000 PKR).

Visa fee: 1 000 yuan (400 yuan for one year) (approximately 10 000 PKR).

Medical examination fee: about 500 yuan (about 5 000 Iranian reals).

Tuition fee: approximately 1 000 yuan (approximately 10 000 Iranian reals).

Accommodation costs: 1 000-2 000 yuan per month (approximately 20 000 yen).

Total: 24 000 yuan (approximately 2 40 000 yen) per year.



1. be over 18 years old

2. be over 18 years old.

3. must not have a criminal conviction.

4. must have at least the equivalent of secondary education in China or have completed grade 12 (10+2)/CSH.

5. you must have at least 60% in all subjects (physics, mathematics, chemistry, and biology).

6. Basic knowledge of English.

7. have high moral qualities and abide by the laws and regulations issued by the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the rules and regulations of the University. Respect Chinese social customs and traditions.

Application Materials:

1. the pre-certificate of medical education (FSC).

2. Copy of the certificate of training.

3. Secondary school leaving certificate

4. proof of identity

5. financial statements

6. photocopy of a valid passport

7. passport photograph

8. certificate of education outside school.

An interview will be scheduled. Applicants will be informed of the exact date and time of the interview. Candidates from Mumbai will be interviewed in person, other candidates will be interviewed via Skype.

Eligible students will be selected based on the interview and application documents. Application forms will not be returned.

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