Office Transfer in Mohali in the Best Possible Way

packers and movers in Mohali

Shifting offices, especially in huge IT hubs like Mohali, can be a daunting task to deal with. This requires a serious amount of detail, especially when it comes to moving delicate items. Moving an entire office requires professional packers and movers in Mohali with the best skill set and proficiency.

Apart from hiring the best packers and movers available in the city, as the one who avails the service, you need to keep a few things in mind to experience a hassle-free relocation.

Here’s what you need to do on your part while shifting offices to Mohali:

1. Build an Office Moving Team

This team will be responsible for handling the entire shifting process. The team will mostly consist of employees from the company’s human resources, supply chain, and administration departments.

2. Plan Early

Goes without saying, relocating an office will not be an overnight process. It is advisable to start early. Really start your planning at least a few months in advance to avoid any last-minute problems (time doesn’t include all the paperwork).

3. Hiring a Reliable Moving Company

There are several prerequisites for hiring the best packing and moving company for relocation. Apart from best recommendations, efficiency and professionalism, you also need to ensure that the company has enough manpower to handle the entire relocation depending on the size of your company.

4. Maintain an Inventory List

It will be extremely useful for the officers to make an inventory list that states the important items, which need to be moved first, last, or not to be moved at all. Maintaining an inventory will also be useful in knowing which carton of materials should be kept where.

5. Packing and Moving

Of course, your chosen company will take care of this bit, but it is entirely your duty to supervise these professionals. Give the shifting company enough time to plan everything smoothly. Also, ensure that no employee other than the office shifting team is present on the premises during the process.

The approximate amount that the packers and movers charge for the relocation office in Mohali is roughly between Rs. 8000 to Rs. The distance covered is approximately 20 km with an official capacity of 50,000 approximately 10 to 30 people.

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