Paul Favret Discusses the Top Ways to Save Electricity at Home

save electricity

Saving electricity helps save money, and no one knows this better than homeowners. There are a lot of steps, big and small, that individuals can take for the benefit of the environment. For instance, they can start a rainwater harvesting and waste management system in their building.

As per Paul Favret, the simplest way of living more sustainably would be just to use lesser electricity at home. This will allow the homeowners to cut down their electricity expenses, along with their carbon footprint, as a bonus.

Paul Favret mentions a few popular ways to save electricity at home

A basic habit that everyone needs to develop and foster is to make sure that they always turn off the lights when leaving a room. They should proactively work on doing so, till they do not get into a habit of doing so subconsciously. Homeowners can often save a good amount on their monthly electricity bills by simply switching off the lights at home when they are not being used. In fact, such an approach should be maintained for all appliances. After all, an appliance still consumes power when it is on standby. Often, if a room has multiple appliances that are being used at once, a person might forget to turn off each switch. In such situations, it is better to plug them all into a power strip.

It is a well-known fact that a lot of electricity does into heating up water. This is why using cold water for washing machines and showers would be a good way to save electricity. The majority of clothes today are designed to withstand cold washes. Moreover, most detergents today work the same in cold water, as they do in warm water. However, for many, hot showers would be unavoidable in winter. In such situations, a lot of heat is lost from heaters and pipes, no matter how long a person leaves their geyser on. Adding insulating blankets to the water heaters of the bathroom can significantly help in cutting down standby heat loss. Doing so shall assist in keeping the water hot for longer, and save energy at home as well. Upgrading the insulation on the windows and sealing cracks through which air circulates will also be a good idea for homeowners. Doing so shall aid in trapping heat into the house, reducing the amount of time the heater has to be used. The same goes for the summers as well. Homeowners shall find that they are using the air conditioner less once the cool air stops escaping through gaps and cracks.

Paul Favret mentions that another prominent way to conserve energy at home would be to run the washing machine and dishwasher with full loads. Running them with just half a load is a waste of both electricity and water. Properly maintaining home appliances also contributes to keeping electricity use in check. For example, cleaning or changing the filters of the home air conditioners in time would make sure that the system works properly and doesn’t have to use more energy than needed.

By kazim kabir