Six Indisputable Reasons to Install a New Composite Deck

Install a New Composite Deck

Are you considering the installation of a brand-new deck at your house? That much is certain. You can choose between a few different things. Decks can now be constructed out of a variety of materials in addition to wood, which was previously the sole option. Plastic-wood composite materials are the best option to go with if you want to build a deck on your property but are concerned about the cost, the amount of upkeep required, and the length of time the deck will last. Decks made from hardwoods like cedar and redwood might be appealing, but the longevity offered by a good composite decking material is unrivaled. Decks that are built with materials such as Trex, TimberTech, or Evergrain are not only simple to put together, but also stunning to look at and extremely durable.  Over the past several years, composite decks have seen a meteoric rise in popularity, propelling them to the forefront of the competition among the many available options for decking materials. It is difficult to compete with the numerous advantages that composite decking offers in terms of decking materials, despite the fact that wood is a traditional material and has its own perks:

Benefits of Composite Decking

Composite Decks are Cheaper in the Long Run

In the long run, the cost savings from using composite decking is significant. There is a possibility that a pricing list for composite materials and wood items contains false information. Although composites have a larger upfront cost, there is essentially no expense to maintain them, either in terms of money or effort. This is due to the fact that none of our composites require any sort of maintenance; for example, there is no requirement that they be water-sealed or re-stained. When compared to wood, which requires sweeping and an occasional hosing off in addition to an expense of around $3 per square foot for a good renovation every year or so (and even more than that for resurfacing every 10 to 15 years), composites only need to be cleaned by sweeping and an occasional hosing off. There are several kinds of composites, and many of them are even stain-free.

Composite Decks are Easy to Install

Decks made of composite materials are simple to put in place. Because so many of our composites were developed expressly for use in the construction of decks, setting them up requires significantly less effort than with some of our other products. A lot of the materials that are used for composite decking have a tongue-and-groove construction, which makes installation extremely simple.

Composite Decks are Environmentally Friendly

Some individuals place a high priority on minimizing the negative effects of their consumption habits, including the selection of products and materials that can be recycled. The production of composite deck boards involves the utilization of 100% recycled materials, including wood fibers that have been granted FSC accreditation and recycled plastic.

Composite materials do not contribute to deforestation, and they do not require routine staining or varnishing. As a result, composite materials do not release harmful poisons into the environment during annual maintenance.

Composite decks are better for the environment than traditional wood decks. Composite decking does not require the use of wood preservatives, which are known to seep into the ground and pollute groundwater. This is a significant benefit, given that composite decking is made up of reclaimed wood and recycled polymers, both of which would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Composite Decks have a Great, Consistent Appearance

Even while stained, natural, and pressure-treated wood all require routine upkeep to retain the deck’s high-quality appearance, all types of wood are still subject to cracking, splintering, rotting, and warping. Natural wood is the only type of wood that can be stained.

Although composite materials may need to be cleaned occasionally, they will not rot, warp, or splinter and come with UV resistance properties that prevent fading. As a result, they will be able to keep their high-quality appearance for many years without the need for any additional maintenance or upkeep. The appearance of composite decks is high-quality and reliable. Due to the fact that composite decking planks are built from the ground up exclusively for decks, they have a uniform appearance and are free of knotholes and areas of elevated grain, both of which may make wood decking challenging to work with. You won’t need to move that potted plant about when you have composite decking; you can put it anywhere you choose because it won’t show any faults.

Composite Decks Age Gracefully

Decks made of composite materials maintain their beauty even as they get older. Your new deck can withstand as much snow and rain as the sky decides to throw at it, and the planks will not become warped. Or a cup. Or twist. In addition, the fasteners will not become unattached. There are many different kinds of composite decking, and many of them are resistant to fading and scratching. Many of them also keep their grain even after years of use. No matter which option you select, your deck will still look fantastic ten years from now, just like it did when you first built it.

Composite Decks are Easier to Walk on in Bare Feet

It is less of a struggle to walk barefoot on composite decking. What is the point of going outside to enjoy the fresh air if you have to keep your shoes on? No matter how hot it is, composites will never overheat when exposed to the sun. They won’t crack either, which is another advantage. So don’t be shy; take off your shoes and enjoy the sun and the warm weather.

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