8 Exercises that help you to improve your sexual health

sexual health

Sexual intimacy in a relationship is possible if a couple satisfies each other in bed. Every couple needs good sexual health, which helps them in excellent sexual drive. However, good sexual health is possible if both men and women change their lifestyles and do different activities. Especially men, they need a balanced diet and workout to get more stamina for sexual intimacy. In studies, it was found that men with regular exercise will perform better in bed. 

Moreover, daily exercise will improve sexual function, sexual activities, and orgasms. All of these result in a better sex drive for the couple. Therefore, physical fitness is essential for men to do better sexual intercourse. Due to being less active in regular life, many men cannot satisfy their partner in bed. Thus it is the time to change your everyday habit and adopt exercise in your day-to-day life for better sex performance. 

If you have a question about “how to improve sexual health” your Sexologist in Delhi might recommend having a good diet and perform certain exercises to boost natural sexual health. So, here are a few exercises.

How can one improve sexual health?

Good sexual health indicates better performance in the bed. For better sexual performance, every couple needs stamina. And this stamina will increase in the body with the help of regular exercise and healthy foods. Besides this, many medicines are also available on the market which enhance the sexual performance of men. However, these medicines also have side effects which harm the body. But male sexual health can improve naturally with the help of workouts and diet foods. Foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, potassium, and Vitamin B will work effectively to increase sexual health.

Besides this, reducing stress, depression, and anxiety will also help improve sexual health. But more physical exercise will help maintain good health, weight, and sexual health. Therefore, you can improve your sexual health naturally with the help of regular activities. Here are some lists of effective workouts that will quickly enhance your sexual health. 

Eight exercises to improve sexual health

Sex is a physical activity that needs more stamina, strength, and muscle power. Therefore every man needs regular exercise to increase their strength and power. These eight exercises, which are described below, will improve the sexual health of a man naturally and quickly. So let’s check them out. 


Cardio is an effective workout that helps in improving stamina and sexual health. The cardio exercise includes walking, cycling, and running. All these exercises improve the blood flow in the body. Therefore, the sexual organ of men also gets enough blood flow to get a better erection for sex. Ultimately, cardio will increase the sexual health of a man and strengthen the pelvic muscles. This exercise is also beneficial in weight management, and it makes people super active. So, do cardio regularly to get an excellent sex drive. 


Another most incredible exercise for good sexual health is swimming. Swimming is an effective way to improve both men’s and women’s blood flow, flexibility, and stamina. However, swimming is also helpful in reducing stress. Men with extra calories can also swim regularly to burn calories. Moreover, swimming is beneficial for erectile dysfunction problems in men. Thus, regular swimming practice will help men for gaining natural sexual health


Mainly Kegels exercises are used to develop the strength of pelvic floor muscles, and they also help in the better orgasm of men. Especially women will adopt this exercise to solve the urine leakage problem, but this exercise also effectively works for men to reduce premature ejaculations. The best part of this exercise is you can do this anytime. To perform this exercise, you need to squeeze your pelvic floor muscle, hold it for ten seconds, and then release it. Repeat this session at least 15 to 20 times daily. It will improve your pelvic floor muscle strength and increase your sexual health. 


Planks are also very beneficial for the sexual health of men. This exercise works deeply on your ab muscles. Besides this, it also works on arms, thighs, and buttocks. These muscles play a vital role in sexual intercourse, and they also help to stay close with your partner. Therefore do this exercise regularly for two minutes and improve your overall body strength. It’s pretty challenging to do this exercise but try this regularly. 

Cat/Cow Stretch

Cat or cow stretch is a yoga pose that is similar to foreplay. This exercise improves your focus, helps in rhythm breathing, and improves spine health. While doing this exercise, always try to do this correctly and inhale and exhale properly. So that you will get the excellent benefit of this stretching, this exercise will improve your sex poses, and it also improves your stamina for sexual drive. Therefore, sex counselors suggest this exercise for better sex drive.

Pelvic Thrust

This exercise works on your glutes and calves to improve stamina and flexibility in sexual intercourse. However, pelvic thrust exercise also improves pelvic floor muscle strength. This exercise also works on your weight management. To do this exercise, lie down on the ground, bend your knees, and put your palms on the floor downward facing. Then push your whole body upward with the help of heels and put your head, upper back, and shoulder on the mat. And make a bridge on your body.  


Push-ups are good exercise for getting a fit body. This exercise will increase your upper body stamina along with sexual health. It makes a man more robust and powerful for sexual drives. This exercise will help men to hold one position for a longer time. Therefore you can do push-ups for your fitness and great sexual intercourse. 


Squats are excellent exercises for men because it works on those muscle groups playing a more significant role in sexual drive. Besides this, squats also improve blood flow in the body. It also enhances testosterone and orgasms.


In conclusion, excellent sexual health ultimately gives your better sexual relation. Therefore, do these exercises to improve sexual stamina, strength, and power naturally. 

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