SMS Marketing: Learn How To Grow Your Business?

SMS Marketing: Learn How To Grow Your Business? - Greatytene

For the growth of any Business, promotion is necessary. To promote your brand or to connect with your potential customers Marketing is necessary. For promotion or for marketing, SMS is used. An SMS that contains an important notification regarding promo codes, discount offers, and Delivery updates is delivered to the users to grow your Business.

Nowadays, Text-based marketing is widely used. Text-based marketing is of two types. One is SMS Marketing and the other one is WhatsApp Marketing. Both marketings have their own pros and cons, but With the use of SMS Blast marketing you can grow your business easily, you just have to learn How to grow your Business with SMS Marketing? 

This article will help you to learn the ways to grow your Business through SMS Marketing and the Pros and Cons of SMS Marketing.

Let us take a look at SMS Firstly.

What Is SMS Marketing?

Text message marketing is the continual practice of sharing pertinent information with your clients via SMS (short messaging service) text messages on their mobile devices, such as company news, sales, or promotions. You may send MSG Blaster messages to customer or audience segments, or you can send customized messages to further customize the experience. 

By using this strategy, you may circumvent other marketing noise like social media advertisements and email marketing efforts and reach customers straight on their phones.

Similar to email marketing, SMS marketing is expanding a company’s SMS subscriber base, delivering promotional messages to subscribers, and tracking how well each SMS campaign succeeded in order to achieve certain business goals like more leads and sales.

For example, Suppose you are visiting a watch site online, and you liked a watch from that site. The site owner is able to look out for the responses customers made. The Owner will send you the details of the watch and discount offers to you on Purchasing. With the SMS you are able to connect with the owner directly. The owner can communicate with you with the help of offers, delivery updates, and return or exchange details.

My crystal ball predicts that if you’re interested in SMS marketing, you’ve already noticed how effective text messages are in reaching and influencing their intended recipients.

A timely text message may serve as a reminder for an important event, as well as to thrill you about a discount you received or a sale taking place at your favourite store.

Examples of SMS Marketing:

1. Welcome presents

Although everyone anticipates receiving a welcome email, it might be wonderful to also receive an immediate SMS.

If you provide a discount or link as a perk for joining up, do like Runway Rogue does and deliver it by SMS. In the event that the SMS wasn’t sufficient to generate a sale, immediately follow up with another email. In fact, it’s usually a good idea to send an email that includes more information and photos than an SMS can handle.

2. Updates on order confirmation and delivery

With order confirmation and shipment updates, SMS truly shines.

Your consumer won’t have to worry about making sure the order was placed by checking their email. Additionally, it avoids second-guessing if the email takes a while to arrive.

Following up with SMS texts that include tracking information is an excellent idea.

3. Time-sensitive special deals

If you want to ensure that your consumer has every opportunity to take part in a particularly exceptional promotion, SMS is fantastic. Add a little urgency to the phrase for the finest possible sales and promotions.

Benefits Of SMS Marketing:

  1. An owned channel is SMS. You don’t have control over your consumer data when you advertise on Facebook or Instagram. The messaging, content, and consumer data you use in SMS marketing is within your control because it is a channel you own.
  2. SMS is quick. Within five minutes, 60% of consumers read SMS texts. SMS marketing allows you to communicate with clients right away rather than having to wait all day for them to check their email.
  3. Best-in-class open rates exist for SMS. Only 20% of the individuals who get your emails will really read them, compared to 98% of text message recipients.
  4. SMS receives more replies. Need to start a discussion with someone? In 45% of SMS marketing communications, consumers respond. People engage with SMS marketing more than other forms of advertising because it is more casual and conversational.


The use of SMS Marketing is increasing day by day. Because of the Pros over Cons of this service, SMS Marketing is widely used. Through this service, you can directly connect with potential customers and can directly contact them. Sharing Coupon codes and order details is possible in SMS Marketing. Before choosing your Service Provider you must have to identify the needs of your Business.

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