The Benefits of a Long Console Table in Your Home

There are lots of options when it comes to furniture design. If you’re trying to decide between short and long console tables, it might seem like they’re very similar pieces after all, they’re both designed to hold your TV stand and other decorative items, right? Not exactly, and there are some major advantages to the longer option that you should consider before you make a decision based on looks alone. From better airflow to more storage space, here are some benefits of long console tables in your home.

How Long Console Tables Work

A long console table may add a particular dimension to your home that you might have not previously considered. This can be attractive because it is such an underutilized piece of furniture for most people. Adding a long console table next to your front door, for example, allows you to use it as storage space for things like keys, mail and shoes. It’s also well-suited for displaying small home accents or collections (such as glass vases or books).

How to Choose the Right Length

You can opt for a standard-length table, but don’t be afraid to buy one that’s longer than normal. You’ll get more bang for your buck if you purchase one that’s at least two feet longer than you need it to be. If you have more room to work with, then go even longer (four feet is considered standard).

What Wood You Should Look For

For many homeowners, console tables are as much an investment piece as they are a space-saving necessity. Because most consoles will be anchored to your walls, it’s important to make sure that your selection is supported by solid wood that won’t warp or fall apart. Pine and cedar are popular options for their affordability, but if you can spring for something made with mahogany or maple, you’ll have even more longevity. Whatever you choose, just remember: You get what you pay for.

What Style Of Console Table To Go For

Console tables are useful additions to any home. They provide storage space and free up room that would otherwise be consumed by tall pieces of furniture, like bookcases or cabinets. They’re also great for adding balance to your decorating scheme. If you’re struggling to decide on what style will work best for your home, consider these factors:

1) How long is your hallway?

2) What color scheme will match your current decor?

3) Is there enough wall space to accommodate a console table?

4) Do you want it as an accent piece or a more permanent fixture in your living room?

5) Will it fit with other furnishings in your home (like sofas, beds, etc.)?

6) How much storage do you need/want?

Can I Use A Long Console Table In A Small Space?

There is always room for a long console table, whether that means it will be used as an accent piece near a seating area or simply to provide additional space for displaying decorative items. With so many spaces that can benefit from having one, there’s no reason not to add one to your home. Here are some benefits of a long console table for your house.

How To Arrange Decor on A Long Console Table

Now that you have your long console table, where do you put all those knick knacks? There are several ways to set up your decor on a long console table. Here are some tips on how to arrange decor on a long console table Include multiple types of decor: When arranging items on a long console table, it is important to make sure that each item has its own place and space. To accomplish this, you can use different types of decorations for different purposes: decorative candles for decoration and ambiance; figurines for style and aesthetics; plants for greenery and freshness; small trinkets as accents; etc. Vary heights: Another way to create an interesting display on a long console table is by varying height levels.

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