The Best VAT Registration Services In Dubai

VAT Registration Services In Dubai

VAT registration for new businesses in the UAE is mandatory for all companies with an annual turnover of Dh375,000 or more and since the announcement, the new rules have gained momentum among the public and business community.

The VAT Registration Services In Dubai involves a series of procedures where individuals/companies must register with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Our team of experts is trained and dedicated to expediting this process and ensuring that all rules and guidelines are legally complied with.

Our team of experts aims to ensure a smooth VAT registration process in the UAE, starting from the basics of VAT rules and providing a final VAT registration and filing service.

They are knowledgeable about the latest regulations set by the Federal Tax Administration and can provide timely assistance in all VAT-related matters.

VAT registration in the UAE

Our team of tax experts can assist with tax-related matters to accelerate starting a business in the UAE. We provide our clients with the most personalized and efficient solutions, guidance, and support for VAT registration in any UAE emirate.

Accounting services

Accounting, invoicing and maintenance document management are key to the success of your business. Our accounting partners will handle your bookkeeping and our experienced accountants will assist you with filing documents, checking the accuracy of deposits and accounting funds, providing guidance, and assisting you with legal requirements.

Trade declarations

Make informed business decisions by keeping accurate accounts. Audit reports are prepared according to client requirements. We provide audit reporting services to companies located in the UAE Free Zone (RAK Free Zone, JAFZA, DAFZA, DMCC, etc.), including renewal of business licenses, closure of companies, and opening of bank accounts.

Audit and assurance services

Audit and assurance services are provided to companies from all sectors in all locations in the UAE, including free zones such as JAFZA, DAFZA, JLT, DMCC, DSO, RAK Free Zone, UAQ Free Zone, and SAIF Zones.

Management Consulting Services

We provide customized management consulting services and solutions to companies based in the Free Zone, including, incorporation, PRO services, bank account opening, and marketing services within the time frame and conditions set by the company.

Corporate financial services

A specialized finance department carries out the allocation of the capital structure of each company. This includes monitoring financial resources and measures taken by management, selecting sources and analyses to prioritize financing, and allocating funds for the optimal development of the company.

Why choose us?

VAT consulting services in the UAE

Our team of experts brings an expert perspective to every assignment, combining years of experience in various companies and industries with their talent and tenacity, insight and intuition, creativity and practicality.

Best VAT refunds in the UAE

Consultants @ VAT Registration UAE are experts. Taxes are a subjective matter, but our solutions stand the test of time in theory and practice.

VAT Registration – UAE

The best know-how in the industry.

Our team of experienced accountants, Dubai VAT consultants, and financial advisors have many years of knowledge and experience and we are always eager to use this knowledge for your growth.

Customized Solutions

Every client and every business is different. Dubai VAT Consulting Services specializes in providing solutions tailored to your current and future business needs.

 VAT (Value Added Tax) in the UAE

VAT in the UAE came into effect on January 1, 2018. The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) imposes a 5% VAT on all goods and services sold in the UAE. VAT is an indirect tax where the final consumer is the ultimate cost bearer. Businesses collect VAT at the point of sale on behalf of the government.

Criteria for VAT registration in the UAE. The UAE federal government introduced Value Added Tax (VAT) in the UAE on January 1, 2018, so businesses that meet the following criteria must register for VAT.

(a) VAT registration is mandatory for businesses with taxable supplies and imports exceeding Dhs 375,000 per year.

(b) Optional for businesses whose taxable supplies and imports exceed Dhs 187,500 per year. Businesses collect 5% VAT from consumers and remit it to the UAE federal government.

On the other hand, they are entitled to recover the VAT paid to their suppliers from the FTA. Steps of VAT registration in the UAE. To begin the VAT registration process, a trader must create an e-services account with the FTA.

Once logged in, one needs to provide all the company information such as company name, management information, contact information, etc. In addition, all legal documents pertaining to the company must be uploaded to support the information provided. Below are the steps to follow to register for VAT in the UAE.

How to register for VAT in the UAE?

VAT registration in the UAE is done through the electronic services of the FTA website. To begin the process, they must first create an account. Once the account is created, users must log in to the FTA’s e-services portal and submit all the legal and financial documents required for TRN verification.

To complete the TRN registration, follow the simple steps below:

Create an account on the e-Services portal.

Log in to the e-Services portal.

Add a new (not yet registered) taxpayer account to my account.

Enter all legal information about the business in the fields provided, e.g. business license number, IP validity period, business signature details, etc.

Include office location, contact information, etc.

Upload all legal documents to support the application, e.g. IP, MOA, copies of signatories’ passports, etc., provided in the portal.

Provide updated financial information on the company as required by FTA.

Provide any additional financial documents listed on the portal for verification purposes.

Register and review your application.

Apply for VAT registration

You can access the FTA e-services portal by clicking on the link below.

Starting a business in Dubai United Arab Emirates

10 documents needed to register for VAT in the UAE

1 Copy of the certificate of operation issued at the place of operation.

2 If applicable, the certificate of registration or certificate of incorporation.

3. Joint venture/partnership agreement or other document describing how the business will be run.

4. A copy of the passport and identity card of the director of the emirate.

5. Information about the signatory.

6. The physical address of the company’s location.

7. Contact details of the company

8. The company’s bank account details.

9. Other business transactions entered into by the directors and/or partners in the UAE in the last five years and copies of their business certificates.

10. Company details a, details of applicant’s business b, the estimated value of financial transactions c, details of turnover for the last 12 months with supporting documents d, details of estimated turnover for the next 30 days e, details of estimated duty-free deliveries f, details of imports and exports g, details of activities in the GCC area, if any h, details of customs registration, if any h.

Common mistakes when registering for VAT in the UAE

VAT registration is the first step toward obtaining a TIN for your company. Therefore, the information you provide during your VAT registration must be correct. A small error in the VAT registration will result in the rejection of the TRN registration and ultimately a delay. Here are the most common errors made when registering for VAT.

Company name

Differences between company names and business licenses in English and Arabic.

Name of the signatory

Error in the name of the signatory.

Incorrect documents

Insufficient supporting documentation, such as sales orders, sales invoices, purchase orders, purchase invoices, etc. to prove management rights.

Inaccurate statements.

How do I authenticate my TRN (Tax Registration Number) in the UAE?

Each person or company that registers for VAT is assigned a unique registration number.

An invoice is only valid if the supplies have a VAT registration number.

The VAT registration number is very important for calculating VAT and filing VAT returns in the UAE.

By checking the TRN number, suppliers wishing to claim advance tax credits can ensure that the VAT number they provided when submitting their VAT return is valid.

It is therefore very important to check the TRN number before entering the supplier or customer details.

Consumers can also check the validity of the TRN number to ensure that the distributor/retailer is authorized to charge VAT on the supply and to avoid false TRN numbers.

UAE individuals and legal entities can use the TRN verification service via the FTA portal.

There is no need to log in to the FTA website to use this service; the TRN verification service is simple, accurate, and transparent.

Consumers or traders can enter the TRN number from the invoice in the “TRN Verification” section of the “Get Help” tab on the FTA website.

The company name is then displayed in English and Arabic if the TRN is registered with the same company.

If the company is not registered in the VAT registration system, the number entered will not give any result.

The simple steps above can be used to verify the UAE TRN number and ensure that the TRN number provided is from the same merchant.

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