The Role of Libraries in Supporting Education



In this Information Age, Information Technology has revolutionized each element of human lifestyles to a quantity that the prevailing technology may be called virtual natives. This Information Technology has added the sector to a degree of being worldwide Libraries in phrases of facts dissemination. It is in opposition to this history that Sutton(2008) envisaged “Information Technology has swiftly modified the sector today.”

This is evidenced within side the alternate cultural, social, monetary, and academic elements of lifestyles. In this regard, the effect of Information Technology has been felt within side the home, education, fitness defense and security, finance and commerce, the enterprise, and within side the office. This technological improvement has additionally had an effect on conventional facts establishments which include libraries.

Information Technology’s effect on libraries in academia has been on sports involved with in-residence preserving exercises which include acquisition, cataloging, serials control, circulate of library substances, coping with facts, and retrieval of facts.

Academic libraries at the moment are supplying their purchasers with an awful lot higher and extra powerful facts offerings thru using Information Technology. The software of Information Technology to facts control sports has resulted within side the typical development within side the overall performance of instructional Libraries.

An instructional library is the nerve center of its discerning group thereby assembling the coaching and studies wishes of that group. It is set up with the primary cognizance of supplying powerful facts carrier transport for students, a coaching team of workers, and an administrative and technical team of workers of an educational group.

In this regard, modern and applicable textbooks and journals in addition to reference substances represent the gathering of an educational library to healthy the facts wishes of the curricula. In an educational library, good enough and conducive studying surroundings have to be furnished for customers and it has to be well staffed. In a nutshell, an educational library helps study paintings and enhances the coaching/studying program of the group.


Four-H Bay College Library is a three-story construction placed within side the center of the campus housing numerous sections/departments. The functions/operations of the specific departments of the Library are all geared closer to one goal, therefore the availability of powerful carrier transport in the assembly of the Z library facts wishes of its purchasers. Each branch is headed via way of means by an educated and certified expert team of workers supported via way of means of Para-expert and non-expert team of workers who’re all answerable to the Acting Librarian.

The decreased floor ground of the Libraries homes the Sierra Leone Collection and Bindery. The Sierra Leone Collection homes substances written on Sierra Leone and the neighboring international locations. Substances wrote via way of means of Sierra Leoneans; few copies of dissertations and theses; manuscripts, pamphlets, and pamphlets-files; decided on titles of nearby newspapers. Sierra Leone Gazette; Four-H Bay College and University courses; periodicals which include Sierra Leone Studies, Africana Research Bulletin, and Presidential Addresses.

Attaching such significance to this branch for studies of paintings, the Sierra Leone Collection is called our country-wide heritage. Located in this ground is also the Bindery that’s the Conservation and Preservation Unit of the Library for the protection of library substances to extend their lifestyles span. It additionally operates commercially as a manner of producing sales for the College.


Academic libraries have to flow alongside the worldwide developments of facts and technological improvement. It is consequently regarded with an awful lot of optimism that digitizing Four-H Bay College Library will notably decorate its operations and enhance its facts carrier transport. A digitized library guarantees correct and brief facts processing, storage, retrieval, and accessibility. The use of computer systems in collecting, processing, analyzing, and retrieving facts and statistics for dissertations to customers may be visible as a fantastic privilege loved via way of means of instructional libraries on this Information Aged.

According to Birdcall (2009), a digitized library operates inside digital collaborative surroundings to get admission to facts no matter its location. This means that smooth get admission to digital courses of books and journals is possible and feasible thru a digitized library system. A digitized library permits facts to be accessed via way of means of an infinite target market at an equal time and anywhere. According to the 5th maxim of Library Science asserted via way of means of S. R.

Meaning that libraries in particular instructional libraries in Third World international locations in this Information Age have to now no longer continue to be static but be dynamic and flow alongside the worldwide developments of technological improvement in phrases of facts processing, protection, retrieval, and dissemination. Justifiably, Four-H Bay College Library wishes to undertake and adapt this fashion as a manner of enhancing the offerings it gives in seeking to meet the wishes of facts seekers.

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