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Bungee jumping is a relatively new adventure that is attracting the Indian group of travelers who love the idea of ​​an adrenaline rush.When you are tied to a rope and fall from a height,the experience of free fall is beyond explanation.Unless you are suffering from serious health issues, bungee jumping is a good idea to experience a spinal chill.It’s a game that will scare you watching people do it on TV, but once you try it, despite the initial hesitation, you won’t regret the experience. With adventure tourism taking a strong hold in the country, bungee jumping is taking new roots in India and many more places are coming up where you can havea pleasant ride. View the top 5 bungee jumping locations in India below.


Come to the ‘adventure capital of India’ to try bungee jumping,which is one of the popular adventure activities in Rishikesh.Take a car ride from Jolly Grant airport toarrive at Mohan Chatti, the location of this adventurous activity. Now,an important reminder!Make sure you book your slots well in advance to avoid any delay.The time slots available for bungee jumping are 9.30 am,11 am,1 pm and 2.30 pm.One more thing, Jumpin’ Heights is closed on Tuesdays.So make your plan accordingly. Once you are there, you will be given some basic training and instructions by the experts in the organization.Now,you will be tied to an elastic cord and pushed up from the edge of a high place.Free fall through the air will surely make you feel free and light like a bird. Don’t forget The beautiful surroundings of snow-clad mountains and lush green valleys will soothe your eyes.From a height of about 83 meters,Jumpin Heights offers you the highest India bungee leaping. For Rs. 3,550, you can choose to go bungee jumping


All you adventure sports lovers, come to this adventure park in Lonavala as it is one of the most popular bungee jumping places in India.After landing at Pune airport, you can simply take a cab to reach this place in around 1.5 hours.With entry fee of Rs. 2,500,you can get the thrilling experience of bungee jumping here.That’s not everything! You will also find over 50 adventure rides to enjoy in the park.Plan your trip any day of the week between 11 am to 7 pm and you can enjoy Bungee India at this park.Now let’s talk about the activity.To choose to bungee jump, you must meet certain criteria.Your age should be more than 10 years and weight should be more than 35 kg.If you meet these criteria, then get ready to experience the fun! You will jump from a height of 150 feet and the flight will last about 7 to 10 minutes.enjoy flying like a free spirit and admire its beauty Naturescape around you. And do you know what you’ll receive in return for successfully making the jump? A certificate saying that you have successfully overcome your fear! How cool is that! Don’t worry about your safety.Before jumping in, you will be given thorough instructions for a safe and enjoyable bungee jumping experience at one of the best bungee jumping locations in India.


If you are looking to try bungee jumping in South India, our top pick for you would be Ozone Adventures,located at St.Marks Road,Bangalore. Fly to Bangalore and then you can reach this place within 10 minutes via cab or bus. It’s that easy!Head to the bungee jumping section to sign up for the adventure activity.Amidst the huge crowd,you will be taking the free fall and experiencing the thrill.Before that,here’s one important facts! To qualify for bungee jumping here you must be between 18 to 80 years of age with a minimum of 35 kg and a maximum of 110 kg.Get ready to feel the adrenaline rush as they tie your ankle with an elastic cord.Then,you’ll make your jump from a 130-foot-high crane.Cherish the cool breeze against your face as you start to fall and the vibrant scenery below as you get closer to the ground. But as you get closer to the ground,you will be pulled up for the swing.You can feel your veins pumping with excitement during your flight. And here’s some good news! The bungee jumping price in India at this center is quite reasonable and it starts at Rs. 400 per person.


Now, you may go bungee jumping in India’s capital city to experience the exhilaration of the activity. Visit the Wanderlust Adventure Sports Center to try this activity. Center which is located about half an hour away from the Delhi airport.Also,since it is located in the famous tourist destination,Garden of Five Senses, you can easily get a cab to take you here. You can come here any day of the week between 10 am to 7 pm and then opt for bungee jumping.In this center also you will be seen jumping from 130 feet high mobile crane.If you’re worried about security,here’s a bit of common sense that can ease your worry.They have expert staff who have been trained from Germany and the equipment is imported from Japan.Here’s another fascinating fact! Once you’re done with the adrenaline-inducing jump, you’ll receive a certificate, a hat and a T-shirt stating “I did!”Of course, the thrill of seeing everything from above and enjoying the show is worth the danger. You can enjoy it for a fee of Rs.1,500 for one.


Bungee jumping spots in India can also be found in Goa, the abode of youth entertainment.So,the next time you plan the most awaited trip to Goa, make sure you try the exciting sport here.Try it at the Gravity Adventure Zone, where you can reach Dabolim airport via cab within 30 minutes.If you are a fan of this activity,this is your place to go bungee jumping for the first time.We say this because this bungee jump is done from a height of 25 meters,which is less than other bungee jumps in India.When you take the leap,look around to see the beautiful surroundings of the sea, beaches and tourist attractions.Upon completing the dynamic activity,you’ll also receive a certificate to cherish as a memoir.Before you get excited,let me tell you that you must be 10 years of age and above to participate in the activity and you must weigh between 35kg and 150kg.If If you fulfill the above mentioned criteria,you can opt for bungee jumping, the cost of which will vary from Rs. 3,550 to Rs.4,550.You can also ask operators for photo and video shoots of your bungee jumps,which will incur additional cost to you.

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