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Wicker Outdoor Furniture Guide

The second kind of outdoor material you should be aware of is synthetic Wicker. It is generally called all-weather Wicker as furniture constructed from the material can be placed outdoors Furniture Lounge Sunderland all year long and not be damaged by elements. Its strength comes from its structure.

The synthetic table of this kind is cut into small strips. Then weaved with care and slid over the metal frame to ensure maximum durability. The material used is coated with soft dyes that are mixed to ensure that the furniture’s colour is evident throughout the fabric.

Outdoor furniture that is luxurious and made from Wicker is typically available in various colours because it’s highly sought-after. That means you can locate an item of furniture made from Wicker suitable for your customer’s space regardless of their preferred design.


Two kinds of rattan are commonly employed in furniture production: synthetic and natural. It isn’t easy to differentiate between the two as they are available in various shapes, styles and styles. However, this means it’s not difficult to design an outdoor space that’s sophisticated and stylish in appearance.

There is no difference between synthetic and natural rattan regarding comfort level. It is essential to consider the grade of material used to create the furniture and the high-end of the artistry. The better the quality of the piece, the better weaving, and the more stunning the furniture piece.

But, we will summarize the different types of rattan available so you can aid your client make an informed choice about the kind of material you will need to buy furniture.

Natural Rattan

Natural materials offer a unique appeal when used as outdoor furniture. They radiate a feeling of comfort and peace throughout a space of any size. Which cannot be achieved with furniture constructed of artificial materials. Regardless of the degree to which two similar pieces look.

Because natural rattan furniture can be highly sturdy and durable (able to stand up to the elements easily because it was sourced from the natural world) and is therefore highly sought-after. However, it is unable to withstand extreme temperatures. It should not be exposed to the sun or get wet by rain. The client should be equipped to safeguard the piece by using covers and have enough space to store it in the winter or during periods of severe weather.

When your customer is environmentally conscious. They could choose furniture made from natural rattan since it is considered an eco-sustainable material. While this used to be the case but times have changed. Due to the growing demand for furniture made from rattan and unsustainable harvesting methods, they are becoming more prevalent.

That means that over the last five years, certain species of rattan have been threatened with disappearance. In more extreme situations. There’s the possibility of forest destruction or loss of species diversity which could have devastating consequences on local wildlife. Because processing rattan typically requires using harmful chemicals that harm the environment and threaten workers’ health. This process could not be sustainable in the future.

Synthetic Rattan

This kind of outdoor furniture is specifically made Furniture Warehouse Sunderland to withstand the elements. However, how well it can stand up to exposure to the outside world depends upon the strength of the material used to create it. As is the case with natural rattan. But unlike natural rattan, synthetic rattan will not discolour after exposure to sunlight.

This means it can be used outdoors without needing an enclosure during summer. Also, during winter, it is unnecessary to fret about your piece of furniture constructed from synthetic rattan deteriorating due to extreme weather. They’re durable enough to withstand the most severe rain.

However, furniture made from synthetic rattan is not more eco-friendly than furniture made from natural rattan. However, because of the non-sustainable farming practices described previously. It could be a viable alternative to natural rattan furniture as these synthetic fibres are developed using care in a lab which monitors their production carefully so that they don’t cause excessive environmental harm.

We recommend furniture constructed from this kind of material to those who are furnishing an outdoor space with an edgy style because they frequently remind us of trips to Europe and stunning beachfront vacations.

The relaxed atmosphere carries over to furniture maintenance since rattan can be maintained and cleaned easily. Just ask your customer to apply a damp towel to clean it every month and wash the furniture using clean water each week when they live in an area with a lot of sand.

Natural Wood

If you’re furnishing your outdoor dining area. We suggest you ask your guests to select natural wood furniture for the traditional appearance. There are various choices of natural woods. Including cedar for climates with high humidity, oak for more family-oriented families, and Eucalyptus to suit places with an active insect population. Eucalyptus is also utilized for decking because it is naturally impervious to moisture. You can build a beautiful design using this kind of wood.

Since most wood is harvested and sourced sustainably. You can ensure your customer that the furniture they buy will not harm the environment during the production process more than anticipated. It is essential to emphasize that outdoor furniture made of natural wood must be maintained more often than this list’s other furniture. Furniture shops in Sunderland

If the woods have not been sealed and exposed to the elements outside. They’ll begin to rot within 2 years after purchasing. Your client should refinish the piece within the first year in possession of it to ensure it will last for the duration. We recommend having them buy an organic patina for this process before they purchase the piece.

You can send them a refinishing reminder at the time of their anniversary purchase to encourage them of the need to use the report. Your customer will be happy for the advice on how to care for it and will likely ask you to design additional spaces for their home later.

Teak Outdoor Furniture Guide

After speaking with team members who designed for us about the natural woods. We realized that we needed to focus on teak differently because it is so well-known in the design world. It is a highly grained tropical hardwood, which means it is packed with abundant natural oils and rubber components. This is what gives this wood its inherent weather-resistant and insect repellent characteristics.

Teak is an excellent choice for furniture that is used outdoors because it is incredibly robust. It needs little maintenance to maintain at its best. Therefore, we strongly recommend it for those planning to furnish their outdoor spaces for a family who often leaves home for weeks for holidays or business trips.

In most cases, outdoor furniture made of teak is offered in its natural state. Natural teak has been treated using teak oil to ensure that it will radiate warm golden shine through the outdoor space and into your client’s house. Outdoor teak furniture is treated with oil to make it weather-proof.

The second form of teak furniture for outdoor use. It’s perfect to use all year round due to its oil-rich levels. Both kinds of teak are ideal for outdoor use. However, weather-resistant teak requires lower care than the natural variety. So keep this in mind when discussing the furniture choices with your customer.

The Best Outdoor Furniture Brands & Designers

Once you know the materials used to make outdoor furniture, you must know which companies make top-quality outdoor furniture. Furniture stores Sunderland

Three brands have been listed in this best outdoor material guide. Which we have been working with for a long time. They make outdoor furniture using many different materials to help make the right choices.

Gloster Outdoor Furniture

The company makes furniture for outdoor spaces for living, dining, and kitchen areas along with a wide range of lighting fixtures and accessories. Which means you can decorate your customer’s entire outdoor room with furniture from only one of the various collections without difficulty.

Additionally, because Gloster Furniture manufactures uniquely styled products. It is possible to mix and match pieces of these collections to create a space reflected by your customer’s distinctive design. Gloster should be included on any list of the top outdoor furniture guide.

Bernhardt Exteriors Outdoor Furniture

The furniture from Bernhardt Exterior has the same elegant styles common for indoor furniture but is specifically designed to be used outdoors. Our inventory has various items constructed from multiple materials. Including sofas and dining tables, each designed to stand up to the elements.

The designers spend time creating the furniture so that the item their customers receive will give customers a unique outdoor experience. One that makes them want to spend the majority of their time outdoors.

Bunny Williams Outdoor Furniture

We have already listed two brands before the designer should be praised for her outdoor furniture selection. Bunny Williams Outdoor Furniture breathes new life into outdoor furniture by bringing a stylish. Sophisticated style of outdoor living merging function and form.

We have the table for outdoor use from this designer in different types of materials to suit every function and style. So whether you’re designing an outdoor dining area or kitchen room. You’ll be able to find furniture that will meet your customer’s needs quickly.

We hope that this top material guide for outdoor spaces has shown you the best materials for your outdoor space to make it easier for you to have a better to find high-quality furniture for your client’s house. With this knowledge, you can look for furniture that will appeal to your clients’ families’ individual tastes and lifestyles.

Look if you’re looking for premium outdoor furniture to fit your client’s home. We have a vast selection of high-end luxury furniture for outdoor spaces from brands such as Gloster Furniture, Bernhardt Exteriors, and Bunny Williams Outdoor Furniture for you to browse.

Visit our website to browse all of our inventory all in one location and use the search feature to refine your search. Explore by material and find the perfect piece for your client’s outdoor furniture in just a few seconds.

There are detailed product descriptions for every item of furniture we carry to assist you in finding furniture perfect for your client’s outdoor space. If you’re in Miami, please visit our luxurious furniture store to see what we have available on the floor.


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