Top Tokyo International School that offers the best IBDP school curriculum

If you are looking for school admission in Tokyo for your child, then you may want to consider choosing a Tokyo international school. IB schools in Tokyo offer a high-quality education that is internationally recognized. There are many Tokyo international schools to choose from, so it is important to do your research to find the best one for your child. 

International schools can be expensive, and not all of them offer the same quality of education. Make sure that you compare each school’s curriculum and facilities and the affordability factor before making a decision.

Let’s read more about the Top Tokyo International IB School

Global Indian International School is the top IB school in Tokyo. It offers a unique education that prepares students for success in the global economy. The school has a strong focus on academics and provides students with the opportunity to explore a variety of subjects. It also offers a rich international curriculum that gives students exposure to different cultures and languages. In addition, the school has well-equipped facilities that allow students to achieve their full potential.

What is holistic learning and how does GIIS imbibe this kind of learning?

Holistic learning is a type of learning that emphasizes the interconnectedness of all aspects of a person’s life. It is based on the idea that when we learn, we learn not just about the subject matter at hand, but also about ourselves and our relationships with other people and things. Holistic learning helps students to develop critical thinking skills and to problem solve. It also helps them to develop empathy and compassion for others.

GIIS has its own pedagogical approach called the 9GEMS program which contains 9 different aspects of learning that enables students to learn holistically inside an engaging environment led by top academic experts, well-qualified teachers and guides.

More about the 9 GEMS offered by GIIS

While GIIS places a strong emphasis on academic achievement, it also places an emphasis on other facets of student development, such as excellence in sports, skill development, leadership, artistic ability, and universal values. These skills aid in professional and vocational advancement during the academic years.

The 9GEMS include:-

  • Academic Excellence
  • Sports Excellence
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Personality Development
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Entrepreneurship and Leadership
  • Universal Values and Ethics
  • Community and Care
  • Skills Development

The IB Curriculum in GIIS

Every high school graduate’s educational experience is improved by the GIIS IBDP program. Apart from the 9GEMS pedagogy, GIIS also offers a robust IB school curriculum that covers all facets of student development. 

The IB diploma programme primarily consists of six subject groups, while the DP core, which comprises Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, and CAS, aids students in expanding their knowledge and skills in the subjects that most interest them.

Theory of knowledge

With the help of theory of knowledge, students are encouraged to learn about the most effective ways to learn, and it gives them the freedom to apply these practices across all subject areas and disciplines. This program’s compulsory subject encourages students to use active learning strategies and critical thinking.

Extended Essay 

The extended essay in IB programmes is a required subject that combines writing, research, and problem-solving abilities. In the form of an essay, students have the opportunity to display their ingenuity. Additionally, students receive a grade for their efforts, which might be worth up to three points toward their IB diploma.

Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) 

Due to this being the main component of the IBDP curriculum, students get to engage in social activities and develop their teamwork abilities. In addition to emphasizing academic success, GIIS also makes use of students’ artistic abilities. The perseverance and discipline that students need to develop their decision-making abilities are also stressed in this course.

GIIS’s DP Core 

Each fundamental component of the IBDP curriculum is essential for fostering an all-encompassing learning environment for pupils. Students at GIIS have several options to pursue their interests and juggle their studies with extracurriculars. Students are guided by the international baccalaureate curriculum in applying their knowledge and developing practical skills.

Other important reasons choose GIIS for the IBDP program

Data Analytics

The GIIS IB school in Tokyo, Japan, uses a distinctive system to evaluate pupils’ academic development. The 7S Assessment is a form of data analytics used in academics at GIIS, where teachers and coordinators compile statistics on a student’s performance in seven key developmental categories. School, segment, section, subject, subject-teacher, student, and summary are all included in this. 

The teacher then analyses the data to identify the student’s development in all areas, and an assessment is completed to help the pupils understand their strengths and limitations.

World-class facilities

GIIS always makes sure to provide the greatest resources and equipment to serve their pupils. For students to fully absorb the knowledge imparted by our knowledgeable instructors, it offers the most comfortable learning environments in its digital classrooms and AV rooms. The goal is to provide NextGen tools to students so that they may study much more quickly and be prepared for the future.

College Placements 

Every year, more than 100 universities bring their undergraduate programmes to the GIIS campus. The Edufair is a gathering where students and universities connect on a single platform, fostering communication and assisting students in selecting their preferred higher education programme. 

IB students from GIIS have been accepted to some of the most prestigious colleges in the world and have received scholarships, grants, and admissions. This includes Ivy League universities like Harvard, Yale, and Brown as well as other reputable educational institutions like the National University of Singapore, the London School of Economics, and Monash University.


GIIS’s IBDP program is without a doubt the best program for international students who reside in Tokyo. As the top IB school in Tokyo, GIIS leaves no stone unturned to ensure that your child is getting the best education

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