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Watchcartoons online is an online website/application on which you can watch cartoons as its name seems! It is a website/application that has been around for several years. However, due to several reasons, it has fallen short in its performance. One of the reasons for this would be that there are many alternatives to watch your anime online. These 4 top alternative websites/applications rival watchanime online and incorporate both a more interactive website/application and have much more interesting choices when you check out the catalog of shows available. 

1. is the official website of Watchcartoons online. It has been around for several years and is the go-to website to watch cartoons from Watchcartoons online. However, one major flaw with this website is that it is a bit slow in loading due totally to mismanagement from the Online Ownership group. This is why a lot of people choose to go elsewhere to watch their favorite shows as there are many issues with the speed of this website but thankfully this has been resolved and also other smaller issues have been fixed such as plopping issues and other minor ones that were encountered on this site like music issue, downloading issue and so on. You can watchcartoononline also.

2. is a great alternative to and has many more features! It is very similar in a lot of ways to binge anime online. Although it does not have all the same shows as watchingCartoonstoons does, it has a lot of other cartoons that are very popular, but you will not find them on this platform online like Pokemon and Naruto. Even though this website/application is similar to different platforms in a lot of ways, it has better controls and options that are needed on an application/website like this one.

3. is the website of which is an online database of anime/cartoons and all their episodes. This website is a great alternative to cartoons online as it has even more shows than mycartoons but it also has many more features than animecartoons. It has a very interactive website that lets you change the settings, and can fast forward, and can rewind which are all features that would come in handy when you watch cartoons. However, although this website looks like a similar application to Watchcartoonstoons, it actually has fewer options overall but is still a great alternative to watchCartoonstoons

4. is a website that has all kinds of shows, it even has Cartoon network shows, anime, and other cartoon series. Unlike watch cartoons online and, this website does not have any streaming problems like Watch cartoons online and Myanimelist.

In a nutshell: is a great website/application that has many major flaws like slow speed and plopping. However, it is better than because you are able to go on there but does not have it as a live application. is just way too slow when you watch cartoons even though it has many more shows than WatchCartoonstoons online or Myanimelist. But also note that it does have episodes, and episodes of your favorite show can be viewable at any time. So if you want a quicker experience then maybe this would be the alternative to choose from.

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