What is Auto Dialer?

Auto Dialers

The introduction of robocalls has given call centers the ability to run extensive and massive calling campaigns. They enabled businesses to dial phone numbers efficiently and quickly.

An auto dialer or automatic telephone dialing system (ATDS) is a software or electronic device that automatically dials telephone numbers using sequential or random number generators. Auto dial connects the call to a live person or plays a record message once the call is answere.

When robocalls connect customers to a live agent. It is call a power dialer or a predictive dialer. On the other hand, when autodialers play a pre-recorded message. It is often referre to as a voice broadcast or autodialer. That said, there is a distinction between when autodialers transfer the call to a live person and play a recorded message when a caller answers.

To determine the optimal time to call, a predictive dialer often uses real-time analytics. An electric dialer, on the other hand, creates a list of preset phone numbers for the agent. For voice broadcasts or robocalls, some examples are where the person answering the phone is ask to press a button or play an ad.

Choose the four types automatically

There are four different types of auto dialers.Your company can use them for different purposes. These include the following:

1 Robo Dialer

This dialer will help you save time. It is mainly use by companies to send product updates or reminders. Using a robo-dialer, you can record messages in advance and then send them to everyone in your contact list without having to wait for the phone lines to be free. One can also configure Push-1 functionality using this dialer so that automated calls can connect contacts directly to live reps or collect contact responses. Make sure you are aware of the telecommunications rules regarding robocalls. These exist and may vary depending on your business region.

2 Sample Selector

This dialer helps with important follow-ups or complex sales that require agents to view past notes and call history. The preview dialer is mainly use when the salesperson or agent needs more time to research a contact before calling.

3 Predictive Dialing

This dialer skips faxes, missed calls, busy signals and bad numbers. Agents are expect to make about 110 calls per hour using a predictive dialer. This dialer can make high volume calls in a short time because it can call multiple numbers at once. It uses machine learning and predictive algorithms to learn from your team’s past calls and adjust call rate so agents are always on the phone.

4 Power Dialer

With electric dialing, you have the option to leave a pre-recorded voice message when you reach the answering machine. They skip busy numbers and missed calls and ensure agents are always on the line. When a call is transferr. Agents can be expect to make up to 70 calls per hour using an electric dialer. This dialer only dials one number at a time, according to a sequence from a contact list. It is use when agents want to spend more time personalizing a conversation. Most electric dialers allow users to adjust the dialing speed to assign more than one contact per person and speed up the dialing process.

Use an autodialer for your business

Autodialers are know only as a way to call a contact from a list of phone numbers. They are call more profitable integration software. They can now be integrat with almost any customer relationship management system. Having an auto dialer has really changed the way businesses operate.

Autodialers are also capable of detecting dropped calls, answering machines, etc. It offers many advantages for businesses, from small to large enterprises.

Here’s how to maximize the benefits of using an autodialer for your business:

1 Use an auto dialer to generate more contacts

Businesses can use an auto dialer to maximize the number of call connections. Give your agents a better chance of closing a lead. An autodialer is also a powerful lead generation tool. Agents can use it to collect information about a contact before making a call so they can have a more personal conversation. Personalization goes a long way in increasing a prospect’s engagement and conversion rate.

2 Keep your data up to date with an auto dialer

All sales data should generally be fast, especially if it consists of leads. An auto dialer can go through all the data at a fast pace. This helps ensure the cables are warm. The data update normally reaches the voter through an automatic process. It usually uses database synchronization. Data can be updat manually. You can use an autodialer to ensure that a high percentage of your leads are follow up professionally and very quickly, dramatically increasing your lead conversion: your business sells. Automate dialing or recycling of missed calls, busy numbers, and voicemails.

3 Use an auto dialer to increase agent productivity and efficiency

Having an auto dialer can increase your agent’s talk time by up to 200-300%. On the other hand, sales teams who dial manually only have 10-15 minutes of talk time per hour. Most of their spent scheduling return or follow-up times, leaving voicemails, or listening for busy tones. With a caller bot, agents are more likely to make a successful sale, which leads to higher revenue.

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